3rd HEART ATTACK Vs Bhadra Yoga in Astrology

Can a person survive after their 3 rd heart attack.
Medically speaking very difficult. They will say NO . Because of extensive death of heart muscles.
But few people can survive 3rd heart attacks,
But how is this possible ?
Astrology gives some clue.
Bhadra Yoga – A Form of Pancha MahapurushaYoga will certainly give a longevity of 80years to the native.
One of my Guru who is an astrologer TN GOVINDA PILLAI has survived 3rd heart attack.
He has written a Astrology Book in Malayalam ” GRAHADEENAM GRAHATH SARVAM”
. reading this book, i wrote to him and appreciated his writing.
Then he became my friend also.
He invited me to his house for lunch and expressed his desire to teach me some of the arts of prediction.
He was staying in his house in Cochin.
When he was in ICU, he informed his Doctor that he will survive because of Bhadra yoga provided by Mercury which is also a Neuro planet,
When I bow down my head for touching his feet, he blessed me saying ” What ever failures comes to my life, there will be someone who will protect you just like an umbrella protects a person from sunlight”
I didn’t know the meaning because usually every body gives BEST WISHES. But this wishes was special one.
Now I came to know it is actually from Vedanta
We are all in this world because we have not reached our karma to the infinite.
SO world is full of challenges because souls have not reached toward the infinite.
SO we cannot expect others will not harm us
We cannot expect problems will not arise in life
WOrld is full of challenges, so is our life
We have to face challenges.
How you face ignorance to Knowledge – how you face negativity to an opportunity lies in you

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