If you do a web search, you will know dating sites for love are booming.The market value of the online dating industry in the next 5 years is expected to be 100 million USD

Both the younger especially below 24 years and matured people irrespective of gender, date for want of sex, love and marriage.

I am going to give you hard truth .We love the whole world for our own sake.
This is the nature of the World.
Any why the world like this?
Because every body wants happiness and fun.
We wish to date or love each other for our own happiness not for the happiness of the other. The moment your happiness lessened the love will be reduced.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad teaches not to love him/her for the sake of our happiness. Love him/her for the sake of his/her happiness.

When there is no cause that is “ Love”. When cause comes in , it becomes business!!!
I heard many friends of opposite sex saying me, they don’t get connected to their loved one’s and they are in worry-don’t know what happened so please check horoscopes.

As per Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ,
Love is not a feeling. When it is feeling you have that so called connection issues.
Love is not noun , it is a verb
Love is some thing what we do.

Horoscope matching in Astrology is now getting hot under the collar.
Girl is looking at the Boy’s Corporate Career,house, Car, money and looks least on his Character and Wisdom.
Boy is looking at the Girl’s lineage, prestige, rank , so his life is secured after the marriage.
Every body is loving the other for their happiness
Girl loves Boy for her own happiness (not for his)
Boy loves Girl for his own happiness ( not for her’s)

There is a cause in love and marriage is business
The Horoscope matching parameters itself need to amended or the art of prediction will be worthless.

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