People talk about “ Karma “ theory especially spiritual people, God men and motivators.
As far as Sanchita Karma is concerned you are helpless, but as far as future is considered, what you do now is the Sanchita Karma of the future. You cannot do anything about Prarabhda Karma either. So don’t stuck in to this.
Do you know when was the first time we did a karma and faced a result because of it? It is like trying to find out which come first-the seed from which a tree grows or the tree which bears a fruit, inside which is the seed. Which is the original cause and the subsequent result? We can never get an answer to this question.
In the hell of a world, one can bring a little joy and peace even for a single day in to the heart of a single person that much alone is true.. All else is mere moonshine. Love alone is true seed of every merit in you. Those who are full of Tamas and who only crave for something to amuse them- religion and philosophy are simply objects of entertainment for them. Such people have no dedication. They hear a talk, think of it very nice and then go home and forget all about it.

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