There is no discrimination in love. There is no impartiality either. The love is the same you have with your friend, spouse, child ,teacher, if you see God in everyone of our relations. He is a brother, mother, father or boy or girl friend, an acharya to us. Just as HE is all of these things to us, so is HE to others. Once this is understood, where is the need for differentiation. Once we realize that the GOD is everything to us and to everyone else, impartiality automatically comes to us-whether romantic love, familial love or friendly love, the emotion unites people through kindness, compassion and affection.
When I say Love is not magnetic, I mean it is above the attraction. In that sense, Magnets are like only buckets of water. Once they are full they can’t get any fuller. They become saturated. But Conscious Love is Limitless and never get saturated, it actually gets stronger over time.

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