Excessive Food Thought is Violence whether you are Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian.

The first step towards non violence is not to hurt or inflict pain on any living being that fears your mere presence.

Excessive Interests in Food is a Violence. But Food is basic component of life. And Our body needs nutritious food to sustain life.  Our body contains trillions of cells most of which aren’t our own.  For instance, our body have about 40 Trillion cells ( stars in the milky way is 0.1 Trillion). 71% of our cells are Red Blood Cells. Laid end to end, they’d stretch 229,068 km ( 60% of distance between earth and moon). We cannot claim they are our own.  Our bodies are extra ordinary.Our Body will have about more than 7 octillion atoms . Atoms are mostly empty space and if you could compress all your atoms, your body would be about the same size of a Red Blood cell.

Why Excessive Food Thought is Violence?

Vegetarians  claim that they eat grains such as  rice, wheat etc- although it has life, it is in an unconscious state(grains don’t get hurt or get pain). So it is non violence. And they go on eating and think about excessive food thoughts.( not all vegetarians!! )

Non Vegetarians claim that though they eat meat,fish ( killing animals,birds), it helps sustain their life and keeps them alive to do good things so the benefits they gain are much greater than the liability they incur in killing animals for meat.

 Excessive Food Thought is Violence whether you are Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian.

Reason 1 :

The entire world is composed of life form. You cannot eat anything that doesnot contain life. In other words,there is  nothing in this world that is devoid of life. So eat only nutritious food to sustain your life and do good deeds (karma). For instance , eating food ,  you did good deeds(karma), you get 100 points for your good deeds(karma). But the violence that rises in the act of eating( destroying life forms) will reduce your 10 points and credited to the life form you killed which will earn them a higher birth.  Secondly our body organs are not our own.( they are with us to sustain our life, but we cannot claim entire cells we have are our own) We should not give extra load to them . We should not hurt  them.So always keep a control on food.

Reason 2:

We do pay so little attention to our stomach ? It is because it never attacks us ? Great.  We have all heard of heat attacks,but stomach attacks ??? No. Fine . Good enough. Our stomach never seems to attack us.

Don’t eat after sun set or atleast avoid heavy dinner .( Non violence)

Loading the stomach when it has no capacity to digest is criminal. Say heavy dinner….. It is like hiring people for 9am to 5pm Job and giving them little or no work till 5pm and then just as they are about to leave from work, loading them with all the files and work in the world. You don’t need me to tell you that these kinds of bosses receive no love or respect from the staff. Not that such a boss loves or respects the staff either. Such behavior just leads to loss of productivity, time , creativity and basically loss of health of the organization. In the same way, eating too much food will harm your body.

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