Consciousness, Energy,Spirituality, intelligence and Astrology

I am not Religious, nor do I wish to be.

Spirituality has nothing to do with neither Religion nor dress code.

I believe in spirituality . We have an energy of 6.3 x 10^18 Joules trapped with in.  We are particles of energy ( I sometimes refer to energy as Consciousness). Because of our energies proven ability to influence, it is indeed consciousness. Hence energy is concluded as consciousness. Our True reality is consciousness. What you hold in your hand on an atomic level doesn’t even exist…. It is an illusion.  Quantum dynamics proves that atoms are made of energy and are not actually tangible matter. Matter is actually energy.It only exists as a tendency to exist.Matter doesnot separate us because we are not matter. You and I have a whole lot more in common that you think- we are actually connected. And we are actually energies.

Then why do we see a person, instead of a flashing cluster or energy ?  Think of a movie Reel. A movie is a collection of 25 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a Gap. Due to the speed at which one frame replaces the another, our eyes get cheated in to thinking that we see a continuous and moving picture.

The law of thermo dynamics states that energy cannot be created. It can be transferred or converted from one form to another.

Like your BMW runs on Petrol, the human body runs only on a chemical energy called ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate). A human body needs 2500 k cal per day which translates to 10475 kj or 121 watts. When human body dies , this energy is radiated as heat and is consumed by other organisms.

So if you ask to your doctor about Human body and its energy, he will say about ATP. No soul. No Mind.No consciousness. Finished.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I am not atheist.

I am ok with Religious people.. No problems with Religious people here. Nice People. Cannot Park car completely. But fine.

But sometimes, certain systems in tradition can be unbearable. Just let me highlight one area of stupidity. Once a woman’s husband dies, she is immediately referred to as a mere object-“it”-instead of “She”. She is immediately made to discard marriage markers such as Sindoor ( Vermillion on the foreahed), Mangalsutra( beaded necklace), toe ring, bangles and so on. She is made to break her Mangalsutra during her husband’s funeral to proverbially mark the end of a part of her life she can’t repair. The widow is then forbidden from indulging in vanity and enhancing her appearance with make up,or  jewellery .She is forbidden from attending auspicious function such as marriage functions, engagement parties etc. Even an accidental sighting of their face during above functions is seen as ominous and bring bad luck to the person on the receiving end. So they wear white cloths and cover the face. It is pitty. I don’t like this system. I am not Kaun Benega Crorepati, Einstein or Edison. But even I could see ,it is Total non sense.

One day some idiot will say, oh my God there is one tree in my house, and if you give it milk in gold bowl, it is drinking! Oh this is miracle, miracle, miracle. Only US $ 20 per person. Come immediately. You will be blessed. You will have good luck with lot of abundance. With in 5 minutes 5000 people will be standing in line in front of the tree. ( Of course separate line for VIP, $ 10 extra)

You will think only fools and ignorant people will be standing in line. What nonsense. If you go and ask the front person standing in the line to feed one bucket of milk to tree, he will say with pride, I have a phD in Science with double masters in Computer and Marketing .

Now, education has become nothing but one line in the bio data. If you ask MBA Marketing first Rank Student to talk about Neuromarketing with in 30 seconds , he will think for 5 minutes and say “ Spelling”.( first 30 seconds will be driven by your instinctive reactions,. A Television commercial has only 30 seconds to grab your attention, the same is true for you!)

I have come across a number of exasperating setbacks from religious persons. Why people are like this ?   First let us look at the theory “ Intelligence Mismatch Association”. It unfolds that Intelligence and Religion are inversely proportional.  Or in other words, there is a negative correlation between intelligence and religion. More Intelligent  you have , less religious  you are. In other words Religious people are less intelligent .Religion is considered as an instinct that evolved. And intelligence is the ability to rise above one’s instinct.  Research believe that people who are attracted to the non-instinctive are potentially better problem solvers. Rising above instincts is advantageous because it helps to solve problems. This also helps people during stressful times to rise above their instincts.

You may ask whether Astrology is a Nonsense , or not scientific. What about intelligence correlation in astrology etc….

We know Science itself is not complete. The strength and weakness of  Scientist is that they believe in what they can measure. And if they cann’t measure it , then they say it probably can’t exist.

So Astrology and Science should join hands in views for better humanity ,care and love.

If you look at the physics ( Quantum dynamics), our body is made of Star Dust. Our Bones, Organs,Muscles are made of atoms. We know our body is composed of 7 x 10^27 atoms  ie 7000000000 000000000 000000000 Atoms. Out of which 4.2×10^27 are Hydrogen atoms. Remember Hydrogen is big bang dust and not star dust. 2.8×10^27 atoms are from star dust. Thus the amount of star dust atoms in our human body is 40 %.

But Since star dust atoms are heavier elements , the percentage of star mass in our body is much more impressive. Most of the Hydrogen atoms in our body floats around in the form of water. The Human body is about 60% water and Hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass. Even though water consists of two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen, hydrogen has much less mass. 93% of the mass in our body is star dust. If we look at the Astrology, it says, we are controlled by planets. All planets and stars such as Sun ,Moon , Mars, Venus etc and including our Human body is made of Star Dust.  We are composed of particles in space. So astrology is not an instinct. It is a science .

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