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Every woman has 2 important fertile periods each month. They are,
1) Regular Ovulation – which is recognized by conventional medicine.
2) Lunar fertility return- which is recognized by Dr Eugen Jones and Astrologers.

Ovulation period is the date at which an egg(ovum) is released from the ovaries.
Lunar fertility moment or Lunar fertility return is the date at which the Moon stood in the same phase as it was in the time of birth.
During both these moments, the fertility will be very high . Sometimes, these two moments become close to each other or coincide. Then probability of conception would be very very high.
Theoretically conception requires one egg( ovum) and one sperm.
Ovum lives just 24 hours , typically it must be fertilized within 12 hours after ovulation.
Semen lives 3-5 days in a female reproductive tract.
If you want to have sex for conception, it should occur 24 hours before ovulation/or Lunar fertility moment.
For instance, if your ovulation date or Lunar fertility return is 31st May 2015. Then you should have intercourse on 30th May 2015 so that the sperm can greet the ovulated egg on 31st May 2015.
Similarly if a women wants to avoid conception without any unnatural means, she should avoid sexual intercourse both during her regular Ovulation period and Lunar conception moment.

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