Cataract can be described as loss of transparency of the internal focusing lens of the eye- Crystalline lens- that lies immediately behind the coloured iris and that can be seen only through the pupil.

Cataracts are believed to be caused by Utraviolet rays from the Sun ( the rays cause Free Radicals). Make Sure you wear sunglasses that block all UV rays and HEV whenever you’re outside, even when clody.Free radicals are also in polluted air. Free Radicals are natural by-products of metabolism. These highly reactive chemicals cause oxidation. What ever is subject to oxidation will get damaged. In a healthy eye, the body removes these free radicals by delivering “ free radical scavengers” to the eyes in the form of nutrients such as Vitamin C and glutathione.  Cataract can also be caused by poor nutrition or sugar accumulation in lens(blood sugar interferes with the lens ability to pump out excess fluid from eye and maintain clarity). The crystalline lens of our eyes is composed of Protein called “ Crystallins”. Cataracts can also be caused from protein changes ( the crystallins clump together) in the lens from oxidation.  In addition as lens of the eye ages, it hardens and loses its ability to focus. This process is similar to hardening of the arteries.

The definite treatment for a cataract is the removal of the clouded /hardened cataract lens. The technique is called “ Phacoemulsification”. A surgeon uses an ultrasonic beam to break up the hardened lens and then vaccums up the pieces from the eye with a suction device. An artificial lens called “ intraocular lens”-IOL is inserted to replace the cataract lens.

Antioxidant foods can help prevent , even perhaps heal cataracts. Antioxidant foods that support eye health include Green Vegetable, Onion, Carrot, Corn , Citrus fruits , apples, almonds, sea vegetables, whole grain etc. All these food contains Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants. Taking just one type of antioxidant is not sufficient , because there are hundreds of different kinds of free radicals. Therefore you must consume a variety of antioxidant foods to prevent cataracts or counteract different types of free radicals.

Equally important is avoiding circumstances and foods that generate free radicals. These include avoiding constant peeking in to the open door windows of your microowen while cooking. Radiation leakage from microwaves are direct cause of cataracts. In addition food proteins exposed to microwaves can become toxic to the lens that is made mostly of proteins. Equally important is avoiding foods such as fried in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils such as margarine and other butter substitutes. Hydrogenated oil means, vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower  oils etc . But food industry manufactures add hydrogen to the oils (in a process called hydrogenation) to make them more solid or spreadable. Hydrogenated oils are sold directly or are used in manufacture of biscuits ,cakes etc. ( check the food label, before you buy).  If you see hydrogenated oil or Trans fat content high.,don’t buy it.  The use of hydrogenated oil  helps to prolong the shelf-life of the food and maintain flavor stability. Good for manufacturer, bad for our body.

Take adequate amount of water per day. Because water helps to maintain the flow of nutrients to the lens and to release wastes and toxins from tissues.  But not more than 4 ounce glass of water at time. You may give 30minutes interval , and drink adequate amount of water. Because our blood stream can only handle being diluted by about 4 ounze at any one time. When you drink more than 4 ounce at a time, this means, more work for the kidneys to filter water that hasn’t had a chance to travel through the lumph system and clean body tissues.

Advanced Cataract or inflammation etc can lead to Secondary Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which fluid pressure with in the eye increases. There is a small space in front of the eye called “ Anterior Chamber”. Clear liquid flows in and out of the anterior chamber. If a patient has glaucoma, the fluid does not drain properly-it drains too slowly-out of the eye. This leads to fluid build up and pressure inside the eye rises. Unless this pressure is brought down and controlled , the optic nerve and other parts of the eye may become damaged , leading to loss of vision.


For an organ that is only about an inch in diameter the eye is incredibly complex in medical astrology as well.

Planet SUN is very important in eye disease.  The 2nd house of a birth chart rules over right eye and 12th house of a birth chart rules over left eye. When SUN afflicts these houses, corresponding weakness of eye is produced. LAGNA/ASCENDANT is also important for eye disease. Saturn Rules Right Eye. Mars Rules Left Eye. Sun Rules Right Eye. Moon Rules Left eye.

The position of Sun in his own sign Leo adds strength to the horoscope. Even if the house occupied is the 2nd identical to his own sign, no harm will happen to the eyes., but if it is aspected by Saturn , you will see that the person will undergo some minor operation in the right eye.  Sun and Saturn are mutual enemies. So the aspect of Saturn on Sun is always bad.

The Sun in his own sign ( Leo) or Exalted sign ( Aries) will not cause any eye disease by himself. If Saturn or Mars aspects Sun, then there may be temporarily troubles to the eyes during sub period of Saturn/Mars.

Vydyanatha Dikishita says that Malefics in 6th and 8th Bhava may destroy the power of eye sight . The malefic in 6th destroys left eye whereas malefic in 8th destroys right eye.  Reason : 6th and 8th houses are always considered bad. The planet in 6th will aspect 12th house representing left eye and similarly planet in 8th will aspect 2nd house representing right eye. But if the aspecting planet is in own sign, exalted sign, own constellation, it will not do any harm.  ( Astrological dictim : The planet in own sign, exalted or in own constellation will not cause much harm to the part of the body they signify).

Another planet responsible for eye disease is Venus. Venus governs all the gelatinous and sticky substances of the body, which includes the seminal fulid, pre-coital fluid, the sticky discharge of the bartholian glands, saliva and the crystalline lens of the eyes. The 2nd house ( right eye) of the Kalapurasha is Taurus ruled by Venus.

The 12th house of the Kalapurusha ( left eye) is ruled by Jupiter. So Jupiter is also to be taken in to consideration while judging eye disease.

When Jupiter or Venus is posited in evil houses such as 6,8,12 along with lagna lord, may cause cataract.

It is said that Sun governs right eye and Moon governs left eye. When these planets are afflicted in the 2nd or 12th house , it may give cataract.

Of the sensed Mercury governs the sight., Mercury if afflicted in the 2nd or 12th houses may produce cataract.

Sun in Lagna in  a watery sign is a combination of cataract.

Venus  Saturn combination in Leo Sign.

2nd House and Sun stand for right eye: 12th house and Moon stand for left eye. If Sun and Moon occupy bad houses and are under malefic influence and there is malefic influence on 2nd and 12th houses and their lords, loss of eye sight results.

Mars in Aquarius Lagna. Very bad for eye.

Sun and Moon together in 2nd house. Very Bad for eye.

Sun in 7th in Cancer aspected by Mars

Moon in 7th in Leo aspected by Mars.

Ketu with Sun in 2nd,6th ,8th or 12th house with out any benefic aspect.

Lagna lord with 2nd lord in 6th,8th or 12th house. If the 2nd lord is in own sign, exalted or in own constellation, it will not do any harm.

Mars –Jupiter combination in Virgo.

Mars in 12th afflicts right eye whereas Saturn in 12nd afflicts left eye.

Venus-Mars combines in Cancer.

Mars Saturn combination in 2nd, 8th or 12th house with out any benefic connection.

Sun-Moon combination in 1,2,3,4,7 or 10th house.

Chander Mangala Yoga ( ie Moon Mars Conjunction) in Trik Bhhavas(6,8,12)

Rahu in lagna and Sun in 7th ,

Venus-Sun combination in Leo .

Venus-Saturn combination in Leo.

Venus-Mars combination in Cancer.

If Moon or Mars occupies in Lagna and if aspected by Jupiter of Venus, the person will be one eyed ( Jataka Tattva), unless preventive measures are carried out .

Malefics in 4th and 5th house , very bad for eye sight.

To fortify my judgement on eye disease I give 3 examples below.

The  Example 1 and 2 is of a person who got cataract at young age. And the example 3 is that of a person who lost eye at age 2 years.

Let us check example 1

We have learned from stellar patterns that :

Saturn in 12th may cause cataract;

Sun and Ketu combination is bad foe eye health. We also know, lagna plays important role regarding eye health.

We have also studied that Mercury represents sense of vision.

In this chart, we find all these combination .

Sun and Ketu is in lagna, 12th and 2nd lord combination is found in lagna,. Mercury,afflicted in lagna.

No benefic aspect to lagna.,

Therefore the peson got cataract ( infact it was adavanced cataract-SECONDARY GLAUCOMA) at young age.

Let us check example 2

We have learned from stellar patterns the following combinations bad for eye health.

Sun in Lagna in watery sign is not good for eye health

Ketu  2nd house

These are strong pointers towards early cataract.

All the above combinations are found in example 2.The person got cataract obviously.

Let us check example 3 of a person who lost his one eye at age of 2 years .

We have learned that following combinations are very bad for eye health.

Moon in lagna and aspected by Jupiter ( blindness)

Malefics in 4th and 5th house ( blindness)

Mercury is afflicted by rahu-ketu and also combusted.( loss of eye sight).

The native lost one eye at age 2years.

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