It is a skin disease. 97 % of skin of body is covered by clothes. 3% is only visible. But it covers the essential parts of body ie your eyes , forehead, nose, lips ears ,etc –face. So any skin disease will be so distressing to an individual socially/emotionally.  But Leucoderma or vitiligo  is not infectious nor contangious.It isn’t medically dangerous. It is only a cosmetic problem.

Vitiligo is an auto immune disease. These diseases happens when your immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your own body. In vitiligo , the immune system may destroy the melanocytes in the skin( cells that give skin their color).- Absence of Melonin.

The main causes are excessive mental worry, chronic  or acute gastric disorder, impaired hepatic function such as jaundice,worms or other parasities in the alimentary canal, ailments like typhoid which effect the gastrointestinal tract, defective perspirative mechanism and accidental cut ,burn injuries. Hormone secreting glands are involved in this disorder. Herdity is also important factor,

There is a slight difference between Leucoderma and Vitiligo.

VItiligo is mainly caused by auto immune conditions.

Leucoderma is caused by accidental burn or cuts.  The scar which will then form will ultimately convert into a white patch which might sometimes enlarge in size over time.

Fasting is a very good preventive measure for the above disease as it cleanse the system of accumulated toxins. Juice fasting is also good. Avoid Tea, coffee, beverages etc. Babchi seeds are excellent. Turmeric and Mustard oil is very benefitial.

Astrologically Venus and Mercury are involved in skin disease.

Venus governs our  facial beauty. Mercury rules our skin.

You can find most beautiful boys ,girls and in there chart Venus will be in ascendant or powerfully posited. Strong Mercury gives very soft and beauty skin. If venus and mercury are weak in horoscope or afflicted, such individuals skin may not be healthy.

Case study :

Horoscope :

Ascendant, Rahu, Jupiter Cancer
Sun and Venus Leo
Mercury and Moon Virgo
Capricorn Ketu
Taurus Mars
Gemini Saturn

This is the horoscope of a person who has been attacked with Vitiligo.

Venus governs facial beauty. Venus is heavily afflicted by sun and mars in second house. Venus is placed in enemy’s sign leo. Second house rules face. The person got leucoderma in face.

But not always an individual with similar combination will have this disease . In Jyothish Astrology ( Medical astrology) , we speak about Latent disease. The disease not active,just latent in the body. If the person care, he can prevent it from being active disease. In Modern Medicine, only a active disease is taken in to account as there is no scientific proof for latent disease except the case studies.

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