To find out when is your due date, all you need is to know
1) Your First day of LMP( Last Menstrual period).
2) Your average length of Menstual period.
Now apply the formula.
LMP+ 9 Months + 7 days = Due date
Suppose you know the First day of your LMP( Last menstrual period) as 1 January 2014.

Add 9 months , we get 1st Sep 2014
Now add 7 days, we get 8th Oct 2014.
Your due date will be about 8th Oct 2014.
This is based on 28 day menstrual cycle.
If you have longer or shorter than 28 days menstrual cycle, you need to add or subtract the difference from the due date.
Remember only 5% of babies are born on exact due date. Due date is an estimate only,
Obstetricians consider pregnancy as 280 days ( 40 weeks)from the first day of LMP ( Last Menstrual Period).
But conception occurs 2 weeks after first day of LMP.
So Pregnancy is also 266 days( 38 weeks) from the date of Conception.
However Obstetricians consider pregnancy “ at term” when gestation attains 37 weeks but less than 42 weeks.( 259 to 294 days since LMP).
Even before completion of 259 days( 37 weeks), it is called Preterm.
From week 42 it is called Post term,
Here the risk of for child and mother is high,
Between 41 and 42 weeks, obstetricians induce labor.

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