If a person with a predisposed to heart disease ( MI is commonly called Heart attack) from their Natal chart, then change in diet and exercise will decrease the chances of a heart incident occurring in their lives. Thanks to Bhrihat Parasara Hora Sastra and advanced medical science

Myocardinal Infarction ( MI), is commonly known as Heart Attack. An acute myocardinal infarction is generally cause by formation of a blood clot with in a coronary artery that supplies oxygen rich blood to the heart. If the arteries are completely blocked, blood could not be supplied to the heart muscle.
The reason is due to the build of Plaque with in the coronary arteries This is called Atherosclerosis which may result in acute Myocardial infarction. The accumulation of plaque, composed of cholesterol and other fatty substances, narrows the Arterial passage restricting blood flow. What happens is that the surface of plaques becomes rough and sometimes broken down. This allows the blood to contact underlying tissue. Blood is designed to clot when ever it comes in contact with body tissue other than blood vessel linings. This is called Thrombosis. This can close off the coronary arteries altogether. Coronary artery Thrombosis is the principal cause of Heart attack.


When we think about heart health, we have to consider, the following :

1) SUN, because he is the significator of Heart.

2) 5th House, because it represents Heart
3) Malefic connections happening to 5th house especially that of Mars,Rahu or Ketu, because they can give unexpected results( Ra and Ket). And these planets signifies wounds ( heart surgery etc)

4) Check the position of Lagna
Above are the most important factors :

After checking above important factors, you can also check the following below points, the most important planetary combinations are the above ones.

1)Cancer and Leo Zodiac Signs ,and Moon because they represent Chest and Heart. More specifically aneurysms- expansion or ballooning of the wall of artery.

2) Saturn and Capricorn Sign as they represent blockages.

3) Jupiter represents liver and production of lipids or cholesterol in body which cause blockage, so Jupiter is also considered.

4)Venus and Taurus has rulership over sugar and inturn again the lipids causing blockages, so venus is also considered.
5) Mars and Aries represents arterial system in body, so they are also considered,
6)4th house represent chest so 4th house and 4th lord is also taken into consideration while judgement of heart disease.

Let us analyse 3 Horoscopes for better understanding about indication of Heart disease through Horoscope checking.

Example 1:
. Lagna is weak
SUN( Significator of heart)
Sun is with lord of 6th ( significator of disease)
Sun is with malefic Saturn who is the lord of 6th from sun
5th House( represents heart)
Lord of 5th house ( Venus) is debilitated
5th house lord from significator of heart( Sun) is also debilitated

4th house lord (chest) is debilitated
Cancer and :Leo Signs are under stress. 8th lord in Leo and Malefic Mars in Cancer.
All above indicates heart disease


Lagna is weak because the lord of lagna is retrograde.

SUN ( Significator of Heart):

Sun is with lord of 6th (significator of disease)
Sun is aspected by Malefic and inimical planet Saturn.

5th House:(represents heart)
5th lord Mars representing heart is conjunction with malefic Saturn.
5th house is aspected by Malefic Saturn.
The 5th house from the significator of heart ie sun is occupied by malefic ketu

Cancear and Leo signs are under stress. 6th lord in Cancer and lord of leo is in 12th from Leo

Thus all the principles connected with the heart are in connection with malefic. So failure of heart occurred.

The person was subjected to heart surgery during mars period. Mars represents surgery. Mars is influencing lagna and Sun through Saturn’s aspect. That is why surgery happened in Mars sub period.


Lagna :
Lagna is weak as a malefic Ketu is transiting in Lagna.
Ketu gives unexpected results.
SUN (Significator of Heart)
Sun is with lord of 6th ( significator of disease)-venus
Sun is in 12th house.
Sun is with malefic Saturn
5th House (represents Heart)
5th house is occupied by Malefic Mars.
5th from the 5th house(9th house) is aspected by malefic Ketu.

Cancer and Leo are under stress. Cancer is aspected by malefic and 12th lord Mars. Owner of Leo is with 6th lord Saturn(6th of Leo).

Thus again all the principles connected with the heart are in connection with malefic and thus heart attack occurred.

GEM THERAPY : Use Emerald, Moon Stone and Yellow Sapphire..Red Coral may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.

Almonds can reduce LDL (bad Cholestrol) and maintaining healthy levels of HDL(good cholesterol). It also contains pytochemicals which can protect against heart disease. Also almonds have hefty amount of potassium with virtually no sodium Nothing wrong with sodium, but our body needs more potassium than sodium. And our typical diet reverses and there is much more sodium in our bodies.
Walnuts can also lower LDL and C-reactive protein.
Strawberries may reduce the risk of heart disease.

OMEGA 3 fatty acids:
The first rule of thumb is to check the ingredients. You need to look for DHA( Docasahexaenoic acid ) and EPA ( Eicosapentaenoic Acid),the two chain omega fatty acids that have been show to be helpful in the prevention of heart disease.
The more types of omegas such as Omega 6 and 9, the better ? NO!
Forget about the omega 6 and Omega 9 and simpliy focus on omega 3 DHA and EPA
The main type of omega 3 fatty acid is ALA( Alpha linolenic acid) which is a shorter chain omega 3 fatty acid. While technically your body can manufacture EPA and DHA from ALA, the conversion is unfortunately rather limited. If you need take a supplement, you are probably better off taking one that actually contains EPA and DHA

Also avoid Trans Fat. Transfat is double trouble for the heart as it decreases HDL and increases LDL. This is worst type of fat. Check food labels and Transfat content. Transfat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through process called hydrogenation which makes the oil less likely to spoil. Using transfat in the manufacturing of goods helps food stay fresh longer ,have longer shelf life , good for manufacturer, bad for our body.

This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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