Astrologers check Gana of Nakshatra of both Female and Male.
It is not at all useful if only Moon nakshatra is given importance.
For Females give importance to Venus its and Nakshatra and even sub lord. It will give a 100% clear picture of the girl even without seeing her. You can also ask for a scanned copy of her palm to analyse the palm line.

To cite an example, let us analyse the longitude of Moon and Venus of a woman. She is from India and living alone with kids. Her heart lines are not favourable. ends under saturn mount-selfish character. ( both palms). Palmistry is very best to analyse a character of your boss, client, business friends , or even romance selection.-u dont ask the birth details-just palm photo is enough.

The above girl’s moon longitude is Pises 8:16:42 So it means Nakshatra of Moon is Uttarabhadrapad- So as per layman astrology Deva Gana. Wonderful character of Deva. But in reality not so. Let us check the position of her planet Venus. Venus= Leo 3:37:57 so it is in the Nakshatra of Makha ( Rakshasa Gana) . Also Venus is in Leo sign which is sign of Sun ( bitter enemy). And the sub lord is also Sun as per above longitude of Venus. So she is double dominant.

When ever for females if Venus is in Sun’s nakshatra or Sun’s Sign, such girls will be dominant, rash in talking, and will lack good communication skills. If you speak with above girls, your affection will go from the window after few talks.

Now a days Girls are more powerful than Boys and this will continue for another hundred years (more than 50 years minimum. ). . Law is also supporting Girls .(In vedic point of view there is no difference between boy and girl or transgender. Because we are not body or mind. We are only consciousness. But in astrological point of view I am not permitted to speak like this.)

In above planetary alignment you can find the Moon sub lord is also venus.
Unfortunately venus gets gulika lordship.

She should focus her mind on activating Mercury which will give her high intellect and communication , -way of talking and so will avoid problems in rest of her life
But the problem with such people is- they will not agree with astrology “saying all is Free will decision.
I pray God and God will take care. “

No- God will not take care of you.
You have to take care of God by loving his creation .Then God will take care of you. Even from accidents. Give life to someone who is going to die.. Your life will be protected.
You have to ask God how can I help you ? Have you ever asked this ? Astrologers also give remedy as Pray God and ask clients to get protected from evil planets. In vedic point of view there is no evil and good. All is your own consciousness. It is our duty to ask God how can we help them, Even so called hundreds of Gods we see in temples are not actually God. God is only ONE ( Supreme Being or Brahman ). And all these Gods are trying to be that Supreme Being and they also need our help And there is no difference between gods and you. Because you are also GOD.
It is win win approach.

Freewill is your choice
But for doing that free will also some neuronal activity is happening in your brain,

( This is test posting direct by email to website publish-what a technology ! )

Om Tat Sat

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