Recently five of my friends whom I know got divorced ( they have actually kids) on account of above problem called ED. This article is mainly for men -they know what ED ( erectile dysfunction) is. I am not sharing etiology about ED rather help them from this issue with my limited wisdom about this topic.

I am surprised – where ever you go- Cochin., Delhi, NewYork, Amsterdam, Germany, Melbourne- you will find two things easily – SEX and EGO. Actually sex lies in ego. As a man i am totally agreeing, even if a man has 1000 desires including money making ideas , the central strong desire will be sexual desire-the urge for a mate . The desire of money, build a house, buy BMW etc comes later on.And all big cities there are facilities to satisfy this desire. And in international hotels even it is being done as complementary in the name of massage to attract repeat customers in the Hotel. Especially in the countries like China, Hongkong etc ( forget about Thailand)

But laws for ED is very strong in India. If a woman file divorce and mention ED as a problem then it is easier for divorce. I am not an advocate. So i am not knowing much about laws. What I know, if ED then it is easier to win divorce from court.

Even after having two or three kids, divorce happened. I want at least my article should help some suffering men if any and protect them from ED divorce.

If ED is due to circulatory problems it is completely reversible only. In the above case, as they have kids,i dont think ED is on account of injury or brain damage.

Follow this tips carefully. I repeat I am not an andrologist to cure ED. But following tips will surely work out.

Never visit a doctor clinic or hospital unless you have very acute condition. Sorry to say because now it is Medical Marketing. They will promote drug or for Shock wave therapy. It is very good. Many foreigners come India to do this and go and ED will be immediately reversed. But for short period. But if you go for this, you have to do this every 6 months , or 3 months . Or atleast once a year. Or your ED will reappear again more powerfully. Please consult only very good doctor and take final decision. Medicines are ok, but as it will simply increase blood flow from only stomach to legs , you will get severe leg pain and other issues. Also the drugs are very very costly and sometimes, taking drugs will give u heart attack or stroke ( because brain blood flow will be less – more blood pressure will focus below stomach-horrible condition-unless acute dont take medicine. I think Shock wave is more safer than medicine- Check with andrologist- (my article is just to help you to get an idea about remedial measures and to avoid divorce issue as it is happening now a days on account of ED)
Daily drink Saffron water. Put saffron in water and drink that water. I have learnt that saffron is bad for girls for periods but safe for boys.
If possible avoid milk at night, it is good for health but it can induce sleep. not good for ED people
Take as much as possible Pista and walnut. I dont recommend groundnut. It is not in to nut family actually,. name is confusing .
Green tea: If u read internet it is good. But i am afraid for ED, i suggest pure water better than Green tea to my limited knowledge. I have learnt that it can decrease Testosterone.
Avoid dinner- because it is just after dinner you going to experience whether u have ED or not. Make ur stomach empty-let you feel your stomach as a baby stomach.
All evening ( morning also) do stomach exercise. Your focus should be on Stomach exercise. It is nearest part of your problematic organ and the easier way to increase blood flow to that areas.Lift your legs up straight for atleast 5 minutes- sleeping on the floor. It may take few months to do this exercise. If any people want to know the exercise please email me. I will help u -guide on this exercise. It is free. But only suffering people ( no entertainments ).
Reduce Belly fat
Increase your neuroplasticity about Sex. That means you keep on reading articles and videos and photos about sex. This may help you to get arousal. But it is only for ED suffering individuals . Others if do this, it will be adding fuel to the fire.
Put jasmine flowers in the bed room.
Avoid Blue sapphire gem stone, if in case you are using it. It is a cold stone. If u r using any hot stones, it is acceptable
Avoid AC in the room. Use AC only if it is so necessary or use it intermittently. AC can decrease the blood flow to your specific organ under issue
If you face ED,. dont share with wife unless you know she is trustworthy or else they will file divorce . Try to solve it speaking with good doctor.
Ayurveda and Homeo are good treatments . But no dedicated doctors available otherwise I would have shared here the number. If I come to know I will share the number ( and update article)
Aggressive stomach exercise and yoga i described above -do ( morning and evening ) and fasting at night will tremendously increase blood flow to the lower parts of the body . 100% workable, if ED is on account of circulatory issue. If hormone issues or accident injury or neurological issues, go to specialist doctor only.
Om Tat Sat

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