Let any astrologer refute me if he knows astrology.

All Science ( except astrology) is having research and advancement. But astrologers are applying same astrological dictims.No change. Even Gods are having changes. Sri Krishna is completely different from Sri Rama. Our body cells change every six months.  The change is inevitable. The problem is with astrologers not astrology science.  Have you spoken with astrologers… you will be dissuaded. because if everything is predetermined…. no hope. no life. But if you go beyond astrology… you will learn you have immense potential to influence the planets ( instead allowing planets to influence u). Because all are made up of sub atomic particles except GOD. God is supreme.Formless. No body can determine what he is made up of. He made space first -formless.  He can turn formless  in to form. And he did it. He created all planets. So it is easy for him to protect you from the Planets.

Now let us come to Mars dosha

Mars( Kuja) dosha also represent multiple sex ( it doesn’t mean you have to lose ur spouse ( death or divorce) and you remarry and enjoy sex with another partner). It simply mean Multiple sex, dating , fun etc. Now  a days dating is very common between people( both teen age and matured people-I know). So dating cancels kuja dosha. Because you enjoyed multiple sex already. But the problem is just reading a girl or boy astrology chart and ignoring the marriage  relationship just because of Kuja dosha is throbbing. Girl or boy who already enjoyed multiple sex ( via dating etc) but have no Kuja dosha, passes all the matching parameters of astrologers. This is pity.  Good decent boys and girls are rejected just because of Kuja dosha and those who already enjoyed multiple sex passes all the tests just because they have no mars in bad houses. No body considers the character. Just only sees the horosocpe. The horoscope gives only 35% results. Rest is your action or your environment live in

Let us analyse this  girl’s horoscope.  She is a god-fearing girl. Only issue is Mars. But it actually gets cancelled . And by her environment she obtained good character. And she is a happy mother and family women.

Lagna= Aquarius, Sun, Mercury

Pisces = Mars

Aries= Venus and Ketu

Leo= Jupiter

Virgo= Saturn

Scorpio = Mars

The position of mars in the 2nd and 12th from venus constitutes Kuja dosha. 100% agreed,It is present theoretically.

The dispositor of Mars is Jupiter and he is placed in the 7th and aspected the 7th lord also.

Kalathrakaraka Venus who happens to be the 7th lord from the moon is no doubt with ketu but is aspected by Jupiter.

So Mars dosha is not present in her horoscope.Moreover the girl will never get the Dasa of Mars ( in her life span)

But she was rejected by many astrologers due to mars placement in 2nd.

So I thought to share this article.

So any girl you propose, instead of just checking Mars, first analyse her whether she had any previous relationship. ( continuous dating fun). I dont think it is easy to find this from horoscope, because dating is now very common. If it is common, then let us also consider Mars dosha as common and ignore it.

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