We will discuss 3 Planetary strengths of Planets and Some of its practical applications in Corporate Astrology .

1) SHADBALA : Shadbala strength of a planet indicates its efficiency to a specific area of life or specific nature of work.

2) ASHTAKAVARGA BALA: Ashtakavarga Bala strength of a planet indicates a power obtained from total cooperation with other planets.

3) VIMSOPAKA BALA : This strength is all about the overall effectiveness of a planet , not on specific areas or not on a specific nature of job.

Example -Shadbala :
If I am a blogger or freelancer -then the entire production ( Thoughts & Vocabulary), design ( Word Craft -writing style), delivery ( how frequently I post) are all within my Mental universe (my own capacity). For this I should have high Shadbala strength for my planets.
Generally Specialized Doctors most likely have high shadbala strength for their planets.
Even if the doctors work for a Hospital, the entire focus is on their abilities and skills. The hospital brand depends on the doctor. I am referring about Specialized Doctors
I have analysed so many horoscopes of Surgeons both in India and abroad and have found high shadbala strength for Venus in their horoscope.. Surgery is an art ,it is not only pure science.
Most of the Surgeons whom I Know are also very good at singing, dancing etc.
Not everybody can have a talent in art.
Not everybody can become a Surgeon
Surgeons are an Artist + Doctor combination.

Example – Ashtakavarga Bala:
If I am a Marketing Manager , then Production/Manufacturing, Foreign Business Trips, Delivery etc are provided by my Seller. If they don’t cooperate, I cannot achieve my sales goals. For this I need a high Ashtakavarga Bala from my planets.
HR Managers also need high Ashtakavarga Bala. It is a Team work,

Example – Vimsopaka Bala :
Suppose a Corporate wants to appoint a Manager for overall operations,then such a person should have high Vimsopaka Bala from his planets.

Method of calculation of strengths of planets are beyond the scope of this article ( astrology softwares are available )

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