When ever horoscope shows weak immunity , consider alkaline foods to restore health

We have learned about Tridoshas in Ayurveda.

Now we are going to learn about Acid and Alkaline Food types.According to well known Nature Cure physician , Dr Paavo Airola, imbalance in acid –alkaline food means symptoms or disease. The imbalance is one of the basic causes of all diseases according to Naturopathy.


Every food is either acid or alkaline types. The classification is based on the effect of foods on the body after digestion, not on how they taste to us. For example, lemons are too acidic to us in taste, but they are alkaline type, because the minerals they leave behind after digestion helps to remove hydrogen ions from the body, thus decreasing acidity of the body. Similarly, Meat is very alkaline to us in taste, but they are acid type, because the minerals they leave behind after digestion contributes hydrogen ions to the body making the body more alkaline.


Acidity or Alkalinity is measured in pH ( Potential Hydrogen). The body is slightly alkaline 7.35 -7.45. Below or above this range means symptoms or disease. Below 7 is acidic,above 7 is alkaline. & 7 is neutral

60% of our food diet must include Alkaline & 40% acidic type.

For weak immune system to restore health, 80% should be alkaline and 20% acidic.

So when ever horoscope shows weak immunity , consider alkaline foods to restore health.

Acid foods are Meat, Fish , Eggs etc

Alkalite foods are Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts etc.


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