You can find out the ego of a person looking at his/her Eyes, face movement, voice tone, heart lines and birth chart. If this test fails, however it does not reflect on one’s ability to earn riches.  You can befriend such a person to have a dinner or a fun, but never ever he will be able to lift your consciousness to higher plane. 

Why do i say consciousness?

You see this whole world through your eyes. The visible light from the sun hits the person/ your nearby objects, that reflected light reaches your retina and are converted to electrical signals and reaches your brain. Yet no science can give you a scientific evidence about how you get that subjective feeling of seeing him or her. There will be an “explanatory gap” between the physical brain and the subjective experience. It is a mystery. Actually you are only seeing reflected photons. The other person is a result of consciousness. You see the world in all of its manifestations via consciousness. Without consciousness there is nothing. Whenever your consciousness ceases, this word ceases as well. Without light there is no sight, with out consciousness there is no subjective experience.

  Subjective feeling: An enlightened person will have different experience in seeing the world    A red flower is Red only according to our perception of brain. It may not be Red for another creature such as dogs or birds who have different spectrum of vision. Below 320nm we can’t and above 720nm also we can’t. We can’t see UV rays, Infrared, Earths Gravitations force unlike many other creatures who can see all these things.

When your consciousness shoots up to next level, your Subjective experience changes. The objective reality will be the same. 

For sake of simplicity, suppose you are my friend. There is no change in your body /objective reality/external reality. But I will be seeing you a stunning face with reflection of Brahman that I dedicate and focus on and my whole experience with you will become different if my consciousness moves to next level.

The taste of an apple is not a property of external reality. It exists only in our brains as a subjective perception.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Budhhaya* Brahama Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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