Whatever words you radiate or what ever prayer you chant, if there is no visualization ( thought ) what is the use? You are chanting mantras and thinking about your BMW and IPhone upgrade etc or you chanting mantras and not kind-hearted, not looking after your spouse and old aged parents…. which should we believe?

If you are taking to your customer and saying I am very interested in what you are saying, but at the same time is looking at his/your watch, mobile phone or doing something else. Are you really interested?? Certainly not ! There is a contradiction between your verbal and non verbal , which one should we believe? The answer is Non Verbal because the non verbal is a reflex action arising from the subconscious. You will not be aware it is happening.

There is a Rule of Communication called MEHRABIAN COMMUNICATION. This rule is also called 7 38 55 Rule of Communication. As per the rule, studies shows that only 7% influence can be generated by your verbal communication. That doesn’t mean you should not improve your word power. We are studying about the influence in totality. 38% influence is generated by the Tone of your voice ie Voice Modulation. And 55% influence is through your Body language ie visual communication. I mean your reaction, body movements etc.

In Sales and Marketing, we have to concentrate on Voice Modulation + Non Verbal
And non verbal  actually comes  from subconscious mind. It is in born.

In Vedic astrology, entire portfolio of communication goes to the planet Mercury.
In Palmistry if Heart line ends between first and middle finger, such a native’s thought and words will be same. Heart line mainly check one’s romantic love, loyalty ,faithfulness,and dedication etc. It is one of the major lines in Palmistry. It is very difficult to find a heart line ending between first and middle finger. Forget about breaks in lines and forks and strokes, only concerned about where it ends. Provided Thrimsamsa Chart of a person is satisfactory and Heart line goes between first and middle finger, such a person will be a loyal friend/partner

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