Now a days it is a fashion to discuss Valentine’s day and discuss Love.

But Love and Romance- Two different things.

Every body talks of Love, but Can you Love ? . That is the Question. You say ” I Love my Sweetheart, I die for you “. But if you see your Sweetheart kissing another man, you want to cut her throat.If your sweet heart sees you talking to another Girl, she cannot sleep at night and she makes life hell for you. This is not Love. This is barter and sale in sex. It is blasphemy to talk of it as Love. It is Romantic Love- an attachment- not True Love. Totally different emotion.

To extend True Love to another , one will have to become that very person. That is why Jesus mean by ” Love thy neighbour as thy self”. It is same thing said in Advaita Vedanta also.

Romantic Love is an attachment. It is not unalloyed love. It is not unifying love.

Romantic Love is a Chemical Reaction.

Romantic Love is Transitory.

To cite an example, the feeling that one has at the time of beginning of Romance does not stay the same way for ever.

Love is what you give .Romance is what you get.

Love focuses your Mind. Whenever you have True Love to any person or subject, your mind get focused automatically. There is no need for closing eyes and doing meditation. Love itself will focus your mind.

The difference between an ordinary person and extra ordinary person is how much focus/concentrate he can do with his mind . Not only focus. What he is focusing/concentrating is also sin qua non.

Love has capacity to transform you to a different person. Even death doesn’t have the power to transform you.

Love is uneffected by other powerful emotion such as Anger.

Romantic love will be conquered by Anger-It is a stronger emotion than Romance. We can deeply Romance with some one, but when we get in to argument, all that love can fly out the window.

Romance is an addiction.

When you think about Romance dating, brain triggers dopamine release and other neurotransmitters making you feel excited and eager to do what ever it takes. Then when you actually physically date seeing them, your brain rewards you with more dopamine, which you experience as intense pleasure similar to the emotion of euphoria associated with use of alcohol.

I know – a woman – she dating with 3 men simultaneously. This woman is of Indian origin. If India girls is like this what will be the situation in Western countries. But I think foreign countries are much better and interested in Vedic culture now. Because in my website -google analytics, the top ranking country visiting my site is not India-it is USA and next is RUSSIA. Most of my articles are related to astrology or spiritually inclined and related to vedanta thoughts so usually India should be the country where I get highest traffic. But in reality the entire credit of my google ad revenue goes to USA and Russia. only 40% comes from India. But I love Indians. So i am doing best to fill the viewers brain with high thoughts ,highest ideals, place them day and night before readers and out of that will come great work. India should be equal in power to USA and any other countries in the world. 1 INR = IUSD India might be not financially rich now, but got big potential and many of my foreign customers saying this to me also. So India as a big potential is already branded worldwide. The entire credit goes to our Prime Minister. And the Industrialist and Manufacturers in India are doing a great job in uplifting our country.

In Medical perspective,the biggest sex organ is your BRAIN. Romantic love increases blood flow in the pleasure centers of the brain which is the same part of brain implicated in obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD). Dating lowers Serotonin levels which is common people with OCD

True love also share same neural mechanism in brain that are associated with Romantic the activation of Cortial region in brain.

Love additionally activates Prefrontal cortex-a complex brain region-where focussed attention, moral reasoning,judgement – all comes under this section of brain.

The neurotransmitters such as dopamine is not just for pleasure giving. . If you are an artist, communicator, singer , dancer, motivator- you have all neurotransmitters functioning perfectly. Learning, Motivation, Concentration, Memory are some of its function. So don’t always connect dopamine with romance . Pleasure giving is just one of its function.

In Vedic thought Love is Northern Movement of Energy where when you close your eyes you feel calm and when you open eyes, your question is what can i give others? The more we come to help and help others, the more pure our heart becomes. Such people are like God .

Om Tat Sat

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