The cycle of our life may change but we should remain unchanged in our dedication. The only way you can conquer Supreme Being / Lord Krishna is through Dedication and there he will gladly conquered. ( Chapter 3 Verse 30 Bhagwad Gita). Surrender all your dedicated works unto Him. Do your work with Dedication as if Krishna is your Military Commander.

God may test our steadfastness. Sudhama ( Kusela) studied with Krishna at Santhipini Gurukula knowing Krishna as the Lord and had a great dedicated love towards Him. In one of the classes, when the Guru started teaching Brahman( Supreme Being), all other students were looking down at the book in search of it, but Sudhama looked at Krishna.

Sudhama was ever thinking of Krishna even after separating from the Gurukula.He was very poor and wore torn clothes. He did not have enough means to support his family and so his wife insisted he go to see Krishna. Sudhama refused and told her I am keeping Him in my heart and seeing through the mind. But finally yielded and set out. He did not have anything to offer to Krishna, but after a great struggle managed to get just a handful of flattened rice. He was telling himself whether Krishna would recognise himself and allow this poor personality in the palace. But very contrary to his thoughts, Krishna transcended from the throne, received Sudhama and extended him a warm Welcome.

The poor Sudhama had no expectation, asked for Nothing from Krishna and returned back. Meanwhile, things changed in Sudhama’s house and he was bestowed with all wealth and prosperity by the Lord. Sudhama ,however remain unchanged in his dedicated devotion towards Krishna.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya|Namo Buddhaya| Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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