If some body says ” I LOVE YOU ” it is not you…it is your Self ( Atman) they are referring to.

In the same way if you have a bad experience with the other person,donot withdraw from that person, but just withdraw youself as like Tortoise.

Tortoise is very calm and loving. It has no Hippocampus, but still it has deep emotions .They use Medial Cortex instead of Hippocampus for emotions. They are known to survive even when their brains are surgically removed. The another feature of Tortoise is that when they face any circumstances they have ability to retract their head and limbs back in to the shell.

Human can also detach the mind from the current cirumstances while maintaining full awareness that you are Self ( Atman)

Appreciating others is very rare quality nowadays. If someone says something which you donot like ,just detach and check whether they are right or not. If they are right then give thanks to them and transform yourself. But if you think they are wrong,then there is no problem because you are right. Just with draw youself and be in your consicious state.

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