In most case in broken love affairs, it is mainly due to loss of attraction and bonding with in couples. Astrologically lagna, mercury and moon will be heavily afflicted. Such persons wont be magnetic or romantic in nature. Beauty ( Venus ) is not considered here. It is not because of the beauty or looks, love fails. But give importance to mercury ( the way how u react with partner, the choice of your words, language skills, intellect all decided by your Mercury  ).

He or She loves she or he only the way he/she understand Love not the way the other end want to be loved. This small problem leads to bigger issues.Micro is problem creative than macro

Some people find lot of time to pray God and show love towards God, but no time to look after old aged parents, or the wife or husband who needs support and  love. You need to go behind God to Love Him. God need not to be loved .God will love and take care of you, you start loving the Creation of the Creator, then Creator will start loving you the way you want to be Loved and Cared. Start loving creation from your Home. First love your Parents, Love your Spouse, Girl/boy friend or any other forms of creation who needs your support and love. There is a difference between People who Loved God and People who God Loves,

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