Most of the people if given a opportunity to select lot of cups of coffee made of nice expensive material cups and some plain looking cheaper cups, most of them will select nice looking expensive cups leaving behind plain cheap cups. What all of them really wanted was Coffee not the Cup. But consciously they go for best Cups. This is Illussion. This is life. Simply saying Money is not needed. But our subsconscious mind badly need it. Now Spirituality is a fashion. If i have no little money then even upload of this article on website is not possible . Only thing is that we should not just concentrate only on cup , then we fail to enjoy the coffee in it. We can consider Life is Cofee and Money etc as Cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life and we know the quality of life doesnt change. But as far living in Material world, we go behind cups only. But please Dont let the cups drive you, Enjoy the coffee instead.

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