Living being is a Soul ( Atma or Jivatma). We feel living being has a Soul. But in reality ,it is a Soul . But Soul is non-doer. Soul falsely identifies with the body hence it is under illusion of doer ship.

Every action is performed by Prakriti ( Material Energy/Life Energy/ Mother Nature). The Life energy starts when we are conceived at the first cell called ” Zygote”. Then it multiplies from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, to 6 ,to 8 , to billions and then trillions of cells and we are born.But we don’t realize that Life energy is doer of everything. Just as waves are not separated from ocean, but part of it, similarly the body is a part of mother nature from which it is created. Hence Material Energy/Life energy is doer of everything.

Similarly other actions such as doing, writing, singing, sleeping, working etc we think we perform. It is an illusion. Let us say there are 2 Trains standing side -by-side on the railway platform, and a passenger on one train fixes his gaze on the other. When the second train moves, it seems that the first train is moving. Likewise the immovable soul identifies with the mobility of Prakriti. Thus it perceives itself as the doer of actions. The moment the soul eliminates the ego and surrenders to the will of God, it realizes itself as the non-doer.

One may question that if the soul is truly non-doer, then why it is implicated in law of Karma for actions performed by the body. The reason is that the soul does not itself perform actions, but it does direct the actions of the senses-mind-intellect.

For example, a chariot driver does not pull the chariot itself, but he does direct the horses. Now if there is any accident it is not the horses that are blamed, but the driver who was directing them.
Similarly the Soul is held responsible for the actions of the Mind-Body-Mechanism because the senses-mind-intellect work on receiving inspiration from the Soul,.

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