Rigveda and Male Female Realities

male, female and transgenders. ………..But as per vedas, each person is male and female
As per Rig Veda, we have only two realities – OBJECTIVE REALITY and SUBJECTIVE REALITY
Objective Reality is Prakriti ( female)
Subjective Rality is Purusha ( male)

Prakriti is visualized as the Female Body with out the head while Purusha is visualized as Male Head with out the body.
The Head is used to represent Purusha because the head houses the brain which is the seat of imagination.
The body with out head represent Prakriti

The body’s gender is always feminine because the head has no control over the natural menstrual rhythms of the female body, the arousal of the male body is ,by contrast influnced by the head.

The head’s gender is masculine because the male body can create life outside itself with in a female body, just as imagaination can only express itself tangibly through nature.

Human imagination is the seat of Prejudice . It has 2 choices.
a) Imagine world without fear.
b) Imagine world with amplified fear.

When Purusha outgrows fear and experiences bliss,it is Shiva and destroyer of fear.
When Purusha amplifies fear and gets trapped in delusions, it is Brahma creator of fear.
Naturally former is considered worthy of worship, not the latter.

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