No Mind approach is from Mundukya Upanishad.

No Mind is not shutting down the mind.

No Mind is not an inactive mind ( Actually it activates the mind where Gama waves are accessed by the brain).

No Mind is opening your eyes, seeing the world as it is, experiencing it but routed in the knowledge that you are Consciousness- a state of mind where there is no Duality. There is no Subject Object difference.

For example if your fear watching a Horror film, No Mind approach is not Switching off the TV. You watch the movie, but routed in the knowledge that film is only Persistence of Vision.

Depression is caused by negative events, thoughts, sufferings of various kind etc. Panic attacks are also associated with depression due to anxiety issues etc.It is a Mind disorder. Mind disorders can also happen due to Nurological causes such as in brain,spinal cord or nerve. Such diseases comes under the purview of a nuerologist. But there will be most likely associated emotionaal mood disorders and depression along with neurological disorder or any disease.Time to time normal persoms also affected by depression.If depression is due to emotional state of mind, it comes under the purview of Psychartist or Psychologist. Psychotropic drugs are immensely harmful , could be used for acute situation.Actual depression suffering will be 20-30% .But expectation of depression and anxiety will be 70-80&. And the drugs will cure only actual depression which is 20-30%.

You can only Lift Youself by Yourself through the strength of your own Consciousness.

So Knowledge is not required?

Yes, Knowledge is required, but they are going to be helpful only through your awareness. Otherwise knowledge will only enhance your Memory. You will become another scholar who understands Religious teachings and books, but you will not be living by it. You will be just another very intelligent person who cannot walk by your talk but will give a talk and take walk.

Large surveys have indicated that even Psychologist or Psychartist are also at risk of mental and health problem. So whom to trust? When we have no one to trust, we trust on Supreme Reality- In No Mind approach -You are No body – No Mind. Then how can you have depression or mind disorder when there is no mind.

Everything that we see feel is only a thought. There is no subjective objective difference.

The World is a projection or experience of your Mind.

When you see a Beautiful Girl, it is not the girl entering your eyes, only the Light. The reflected light from the Girl goes to Retina. When it reaches Brain, No Beautiful Girl, Not even light,only tiny tiny burst of electricity reaches the Brain. The explanation of science is finished here. How is that little bit of electricity reconstituted back to the living expereince of the Beautiful Girl is still a mystery. Neuroscientist yet dont know how this work. That is why vedanta says seeing is an experience of mind. The Person or object that you see is nothing but a thought in your mind.

Quality of the experience depends on the mind not on the world outside.

When you are depressed feel that it is blessing in disguise.

God will never take away some thing with out giving you something better its place.

Feel like a Lotus Flower. Lotus is the most beautiful flower whose petals open one by one. But Lotus will grow only in Muddy water. But the flower will be perfectly dry-indicating that is unaffected by Muddy water.

In order to grow and gain wisdom,first you must have the Mud-Obstacles of life and its suffering.

With out suffering there can be no Understanding and Compassion.

You can use good use of Suffering to generate these two energies.

Understanding means -first of all to understand suffering -the suffering of inside and then the suffering of others.

Compassion means love. But it should be a Detached attachment.

Detached Attachment is another approach to handle depression.

You can be attached to everything-Living ( Your friends, spouse, family relations) and Non living ( laptops, Iphones, BMW , Bank accounts etc)

You are not closing your eyes. You are seeing every thing both good, bad  dirty things.

No….You are not closing eyes.

You dont even close eyes to see God. Because God is in everything -living and non living.,You are seeing God with Open Eyes.What kind of God it is,if you can’t see him with Open Eyes. Anything and everything is God. God should be right here, right now and eveywhere.

Face all sufferings, happiness , love but at the same time keep your emotions as a detached attachment.

So you are doing 2 things simultaneously.

1)Getting fully engaged in your actions.

2)At the same time mentally disengaging.

This is to avoid mental stress arising from your actions, job burnt out etc.

You deeply engage in your action and put your mind, body ,intellect and the senses and give full dedication to your action. At the same time mentally disengage from the outcome and resullts arising out of the action.

Your experience the situation while it belongs to you and when time comes,let it go on it as it was never meant for you.

You do your action with full dedication( dedication=meditation) and not worried about the results.

In this discussion -No Mind approach, we are taking mind to the Top Level . The Mind associated diseases can be fully warded off.,

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