There is a misconception that positive energy is good and negative energy is bad. But Negative energy is not bad. Positive energy is not all good either.

Negative energy doesn’t mean evil; it can bring attractive qualities in to you if you cultivated correctly. The first thing an astrologer look in yoga in Horoscopes is whether there is any VIPAREETHA RAJA YOGA. (Negativity turned to Positivity) in the client’s Horoscope. This is more powerful than ordinary RAJAYOGA which is just positive. Vipareetha Rajayoga means a Negative turned to Positive.If there are more than 1 vapareetha rajayoga, such a horoscope will be enigmatic.  This will act a silver bullet.He will be dynamic. Because the native has acquired lot of experiences of sorrow, and sufferings and through these all, he realized the true nature of the world. -He becomes Dynamic personality. People born with silver spoon in mouth are likely to be static -A Wall will never change. A cow never makes a mistake. But Cow remains always a cow. A wall remains always a Wall.  A human being who suffered a lot has the capacity to reform himself. This reformation will make him extremely powerful and completely different and unique.

Negative energy is very very magnetic, so it is not that it’s more powerful, it’s that it is more magnetic. In general Negativity is a multiple of 4 or 7 times more magnetic than positive energy.

In Nemerological perspective ; 6 = Love ( female); 9 = Light ( male); Male= Light; Female= Love. Love attracts Light. And you add the two, you get : 15, Now add 1+5 and you get again 6 ( Love)- When Love meets Light, there is always Love at the end. These numbers work very well each other.

The potential energy of the human body is always Negative. It is stored in the form of Chemical energy ( ATP)-Adenosine Triphospate.

Potential energy of neurons at rest is negative.

Electron carries a negative charge of 1.602176634×10-19 coloumb

Our potential energy in the Earth is negative, that is why we are bound to earth. If you were positive, you could escape to infinity.

Earth is constantly under the attractive force of the Sun. It is due to this attractive force of the Sun, the Earth revolves around the Sun. It cannot escape from this attractive force. So Earth and Sun together form a closed system. Earth is bound to the Sun. In all bound states ,have a total energy negative otherwise they can’t be bound together. We are bound to the Earth and our total energy also must be and is negative.

At some places we feel something strong so we call it positive energy, but it is a temporary feeling. Whereas we go some other places we feel less energetic or even sad, so we call negative, even that is temporary feeling.

In astrological perspective Positive is more masculine and Negative is more feminine. We need both the qualities. Masculine and Feminine doesn’t mean Male and Female. They represent certain qualities. These energies always attract each other. It is not two people longing to meet. It is two dimensions of life longing to meet. You are neither a Muscular or Feminine. You are Ardhanariswar. You have both the qualities..(or White Dot in the Black area -Black Dot in the white area -Chinese astrology)

Too much of negative is bad. Too much positive is also bad. Self-Mortification and Self-indulgence -both too much not good.

Even Mass is nothing but the sum of all energy a body has. Energy is not due to the mass the body has. It is actually the other way round. The body has mass because it has the energy. True reality is everything is illusion. Pure Consciousness is ultimately all that exists. The energy is positive or negative depending on your level of Consciousness.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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