Motivation is like Fire. It is a spirit in the person. It is the fuel in the car that starts engine. People who stay motivated, provide positive motivation to others. You can only give what you have in life.

Getting motivated is easier, but staying motivated is not easy. Different people do different things for different reasons. Some people run fast to win a race. Others may run even faster if a dog is chasing them on the street. Some are motivated by positive rewards, others are motivated to avoid negative consequences.

If you are a motivated person, you will not stop your work based on target. Because you are internally motivated. You will go beyond the call of duty. Is there anything known as ” beyond the call of duty” or is it a misnomer? Going beyond the call of duty is actually the duty! In fact how can duty stop when more can be done! If you’ve done your duty how can there be anything left beyond?

Plain and pleasure can be strong motivating factor!

In selling, you need to motivate your prospect to take a buying decision.Help the prospect to take minor decisions which imply purchase because it is then that the major decisions comes automatically.People don’t buy what they need.They buy what they want.

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