The eye is the most complex organ second only to the brain. It is 2cm diameter but contains 2 million parts.

The eyes and love are connected.

When we see some one we like, our pupils grow larger. It’s almost as if our eyes are trying to see as much of this person as possible. Thus you can often tell if a girl or boy is attracted to you by observing his/her pupil.

Pupil also grow larger when you are sexually aroused or look at erotic images etc.

The Main parts of an eye are Cornea, Iris,Pupil,Lens and Retina

The eye works much the same as a camera,

Cornea : This is the invisible transparent front part of the eye. It ia window to the eye. The light wave enters the eye through retina. Its main function is to provide focusing power to the eye. About 65 -75% focusing power of the eye is provided by Cornea. ( Balance by the lens).Cornea has no blood vessels, instead it has several nerve endings. This makes eye highly sensitive. You need to protect your cornea from dust,heat and harmful light .You may use a wrapround sunglass for the same.

Iris and Pupil: Light enters the eye through the Pupil( hole located in the center of the eye) and iris regulates the amount of light by controlling the size of pupil. For this there are 2 muscles in iris namely IRIS DILATOR MUSCLE and IRIS SPHINCTER MUSCLE.

When light is dim, the iris dilator muscle dilates the pupil , make the opening of pupil large and allows more light to pass through it.

Under bright light conditions, iris sphincter muscle will constrict , make the opening of pupil smaller and restrict the follow of light in to the eyes.

The above is a reflex action and is called PUPILLARY LIGHT REFLEX. It is regulated by the ipRGCs in Retina.Actually it should be named as Iris light Reflex. Because it is the iris that responds to light and pupil is passive opening formed by the iris..

Based on an analogy with camera.Pupil is equivalent to the aperture and Iris is equivalent to the shutter.

Lens : It Is the lens which finally focus the light in to the retina. It provides 25-35% of focusing power of the eyes.

Retina: It is a light sensitive tissue lining in the back of the eye. Light enters the eye through Cornea and finally hits the Retina. Retina converts the light energy in to electrochemical impulse and are passed on the brain through optic nerves( which resembles Television cables). The brain finally interprets the impulses as visual images.

There are 3 photo receptors in Retina namely Rods,Cones and ipRGCs.

Rods and cones function to convert light energy to impulses where as ipRGCs( Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion cells) regulates Pupillary Reflex, circadian rhythm( 24 hr internal body clock) and hormone  Melatonin.

Cones are not very sensitive to light. They work better in bright light. Cones provides color vision. Rods are very sensitive to light. They work better in dim light, but they doesnot provide color vision. That is the reason at night/dark you find everything in a grey scale. If you can see a distant star in sky at night, then it is your Rod vison.

( Remember : color is not inherent in object. We perceive the reflected color from an object)

Melatonin :Melatonin hormone is produced in pineal gland in brain. ipRCGs cells in retina regulates this hormone. It is this hormone which helps you sleep. This hormone is produced at Night. Wavelength of light 460-480nm will inhibit Melatonin production.ipRGCs maximum wavelenghth sensitivity is 480nm. Stimulation of ipRGCs cells can inhibit sleep. This is benefitial only if you want to remain alert at night ( night shift works). But it can be detrimental for your sleep during bed time.

Your bed room light should be low voltage yellow, orange or red. The wavelength of this light doesnot inhibit melatonin production.

Also if you keep your bed room light switched off ( Let your bed room be dark), then it will activate Melatonin Production and give you sound sleep. This hormone melatonin also protect from brain diseases, heart diseases and diabetes and ever cancer,

Not only darkness can activate Melatonin. A Kiss can also  active Melatonin. “ Kiss on the Center of the forehead and slightly above the space between the eyebrows, with a thought of compassion of the person receiving the Kiss “ Try this kiss with friends and family you love and care for. This kiss can activate Pineal gland in brain. It is very healing .

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