Planet Mercury is responsible for your writing abilities, quality of what you write, even what you think. If your Mercury is transiting close to your venus in your natal chart, then whatever you write will have a “love flavour”. This is good for communicators /motivators etc as they can generate energy in to the audience.
Not only longhand -Computer languages, softwares, mobile phone note taking all comes under portfolio of planet Mercury.It is your discretion and choice how you will use this energy of this planet.
Writing with Pen is mightier than note taking on a laptop or mobile phone. Research shows that those who use Note taking using Laptop/mobile device can have a tendency to do lecturers Verbatim. It is detrimental towards the learning of Paraphrase. You will not be able to think and write using different words especially to achieve greater clarity. You will be like a photocopy machine. You can only duplicate some one’s words.Exact repetitation with out changing the words. Paraphrasing is a quality where you change the words ( with out any change in original content/meaning) ,chisel ideas and make beautiful things out of it, just as a carpenter chisel the wood and make beautiful handicrafts out from the wood.
Writing with Pen is also indirectly protecting your eyes from Blue light. Blue light is a highest energy color of the visible spectrum. It is emitting from your laptop/mobile phone ( also from Sun).Due to short wavelength, it has very high energy.It can penetrate deeper than UV rays and has high energy level than IR. While a human eye can absorb some UV light with out damage, but that is not the case with Blue light. So Blue light is greater potential for damage to eye.
But in some situations we have to use Laptop/mobile phone Note taking, in that circumstances use 20-20-20 rule. That means, everytime you look at a laptop screen/mobile for 20 minutes, you look at something that is 20ft away from you for 20 seconds. Need not be exactly 20ft away-You can look at something that is far away from you or you try walking out from your room . This is to give some relaxtion to your eyes.
Use a Sunglass which gives protection to Blue light . Crizal Preventia is one of the best brand for Blue Light protection.Buy it from a Branded Show room. Ensure they have UV testing machine and they will perform the simple UV test in front of you before you purchase the Blue Light protection Sunglass. Most of the sales managers sitting in show rooms may be completely ignorant about Blue light. They will speak about Polarized glass and UV protection glass. No. We want 100% Blue Light protection too. On such glass you can see blue light reflection on the sunglass. Because you can see Blue light ! Blue light protection sunglass will also give protection to UV light too( for this testing you need a UV meter in the show room to conduct the test ). Blue light sun glass will not be a polarized glass. But polarization need not be considered for eye safety. It is for driving comfort only. Also in some professions such as Pilots, they are not allowed to use Polarized sun glass by law in Cockpit,because it can create false vision while landing and take off.

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