In Japanese it is called ” OKYAKUSAMA WA KAMISAMA DESU” which means Customer is God.

A Grand question-most difficult question I received 16th February 2022 from one of my Buyer . I was taking with him and he was calling me ” Umesh Sir”. He is elder to me and also my Buyer . So I told him not to call me ” Sir” and “You are my buyer and I am seeing God in you. But the reply I received from him was exactly as follows


In the above message he is again calling me “Sir” ( I guess for mutual respect). He is a very rich person. He is saying not to consider him /human being or a customer as God. Then in his message he also says that Human beings are separated from God.

Since I have decided that I will not use my tongue any more to make anybody feel small or shrink them, I replied saying he is correct .

So Is Customer Really God.?

Customer is Not God. But Customer Appears as God not only physically, but also mentally- mental universe-ideas, thoughts , interest etc. Infinite appears as finite. 

There are management textbooks which explain that the customer is God from a business perspective.

Swami Vivekananda says we pass through a Triangle.

Jeeva ( ie Universe), Jagath ( ie You, me etc) and Ishwara ( ie God). These are the 3 points of Triangle

Jeeva ( Universe) means not only physical universe but also mental universe- such as your feelings, ideas, thoughts – all comes under Jeeva. So business negotiation, sales meetings, trade fairs , shipment procedures- everything is Jeeva.

And this Jeeva ( Universe) passing through TIME, SPACE and CAUSATION – APPEARS as Multiplicity.

Look at the Term ” APPEARS” .

With out changing at all -the Jeeva ( Universe) appears in Multiplicity.

Advaita Vedanta says nothing separates ,all is ” APPEARANCE” through Time, Space and Causation. And Time , Space and Causation is Maya.

Causation = Cause and Effect

Even Science comes under Maya ( Maya as per Vedanta)

We are watching a Movie . This is also a Maya. Because it is Persistence of Vision. As per New Study ( not vedanta) eyes doesnot function to replicate the world we see. It is the brain patterns. As a result no two people see anything exactly alike.

Persistence of vision is also an illusion. Whenever light strikes the retina, the brain retains the impression of that light for about 10th to a 15th of a second after the source of that light is removed from the sight. This is due to a prolonged chemical reaction. As a result eye cannot clearly distinguish changes in light that occur faster than this retention period. The changes either go unnoticed or they APPEAR to be one continuous picture to us.So even vision is a Maya

Sky is not Blue

It appears as Blue because of an Optical illusion. As you know it will still look Blue to you but you know that it is not Blue. So it is an APPEARANCE.

Customer is Not God. But Customer Appears as God not only physically, but also mentally- mental universe-ideas, thoughts , interest etc. Infinite appears as finite. How? Through Space, Time and Cause and Effect.

Cause and Effect is Science. But Cause of Causation, cannot be apprehended by Human Brain.( Just like showing your laptop to a dog ,what will dog understand). We know there is Space and Time. What is there before Time? What is there outside Space? If there is Time, there is something before Time. If there is Space there should be some thing outside space. What is outside your House ?? But It is logically wrong question to ask what is before time or what is outside space? So it is logically wrong question to ask how can be a customer God. Actually Customer only APPEARS as God in form of Space, Time and Causation ( Maya) -Just like Persistence of Vision and Sky appears Blue .

Swami Vivekananda Says WE MUST AND WE WANT to see God in every experience of life – ( Not after Death-Moksha is too late. and who knows what happens after Moksha- You may need a job there !).

Business is also going through Time , Space and Causation. And customer is a Jagath -You and customer -is an finite APPEARANCE of Infinite.So we can  refer Customer ( not only a customer -all creatures in the Universe) as God.

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