A religious priest asked me “if one became sick, he needed to go to a doctor or hospital. Same is with God worship places and for devotees.Then how do I say our own consciousness is God? “
Let us carefully go through each of his words.
If one became sick, he needed to go to a doctor or hospital.
Answer:Really true. Because sickness comes to the body or mind. Body or mind is an object. Doctor is an object. Hospital is an object. One object will attract another.So for sickness it has to be treated in hospital or by doctor. But Consciousness is not an object.
How do I say our own consciousness is God ?
Answer : First of all, it is not said by me. Entire credit goes to Advaita Vedanta.
You cannot separate sunlight falling on you or on God worship places or on mountains or on muds etc, Same is applied to consciousness. You can not separate your consciousness from God. Because you are already Him
Two Examples given below.
Example 1-
Advaita Vedanta ( Consciousness approach)
Suppose you go to a Movie Theatre with your Kid , but the movie has already started.
Your kid actually wanted to see the ” White Screen ” in the Theatre ( not the movie). Since the movie already started, the kid is unable to find the white screen.
He is asking you where the White Screen is? What answer can you give him? You cannot separate the white screen and the movie.
So you tell him, the movie picture is actually projected on the white screen and the movie is an illusion-Persistence of vision.
This is the Consciousness approach -or method of Advaita Vedanta.
This is a very practical approach.
Yoga or Devotional Approach
Here you will shut down the movie projector . Then your kid will be able to see the white screen.
This is Yoga or Devotional approach.
Differences between the above two methods :
In Advaita Vedanta approach, you are not shutting down the film projector.You are enjoying the movie and at same time realizing that it is playing on White Screen and it is persistence of vision. You are not asked to close your eyes, go to mountains, hills etc for meditation. You can sit in a park and do your work with dedication and that will focus your mind without closing your eyes. Here you see God in everything -living-nonliving and also your mental universe ( ie your Thoughts are also considered as God).
in Yoga or Devotional Approach. You should close your eyes, go to mountains and hills to attract the attention and blessings of God. Here God is seperate Object. You are Seperate object. That is the difference .
One more major difference is about Moksha ( Enlightenment)
In Yoga or Devotional approach, you reach God after Moksha.
In Advaita Vedanta, you are already God now itself and after enlightenment you will just realize you were God only.
Example 2
Can you differentiate Sunlight which is falling on you and Worship places.? The same Sunlight which falls on Mud is also falling on your body. No difference at all. Everywhere Rich or Poor, Sunlight falling is the same. No difference. Same is the case with consciousness. You can not separate it from others. It just illuminates.
This is only to enlighten my viewers who are interested in the Consciousness topic
I am a regular Temple Visitor and a Brahman .
I see God everywhere even in this piece of article ,or I could not have completed this in the style I have written,
My Regular Job is not writing articles. It takes me only 15-20 minutes for word craft now . In case if my (not sure sorry) article influences you it is not just due to words ,it is an experience from your consciousness.
Here my article is an object too and your consciousness is experiencing it
Just as you experience the taste of an ice cream.
Ice cream is an object.
See, even a clock can not show you time. It is a device. It functions -of course.
But it is only through your consciousness you are experiencing time.
Om Tat Sat

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