No Matter Male or Female, Eastern or Western, Poor or Rich, Strong or Weak, able bodied or physically challenged, or mentally challenged ones, No money required, No qualification required, No special skill required. And most importantly one doesn’t learn it, one knows it naturally. Hence in the oceans of millions of pleasure that have been available to our species, if there is one that most of us have had privilege to enjoy and not be disappointed, it is SEX happiness. It is a win win pleasure. Both partners get a happiness.No harm done. Let everyone enjoy the gala time. Fulfillment of desires ( if not against any one’s dharma) is not prohibited in the scriptures ( Bhagvata Gita Chapter 7 Slokha 11).But then there also a Big Tragedy.( as per Taittiriya Upanishad and Bhagavat Gita as explained below)

As per Taittiriya Upanishad , a person can enjoy six qualities

  1. Good Character
  2. Creative intelligence
  3. Commanding Personality/beauty
  4. Firm Mind
  5. Healthy Strong Body/physically attractive
  6. Wealth of the entire world ( You can buy the whole world)

Imagine the Joy of a person who has these qualities. Ordinarily what more do we want in this world?  But the Upanishad says, let us take this as ONE unit of happiness -SAH MANUSAHAH EKA ANANDAH

Next level is MANUSHYA GANDHARVAS- there the happiness is 100 such units. Again next higher level is 100 units multiplied by hundred.

Ultimately the Joy of the Person who lives in Brahmaloka ( Heaven) is 100 times more of the joy of Virat-Mathematically it is Hundred to the Power of Eleven ie 10011 . That is what the Taittiriya Upanishad says.

But then Taittiriya Upanishad and as well as Sri Krishna ( In Gita Chapter 8 ,Verse 16)explains about the tragedy.

Being in Brahma Lokha (Heaven) is like travelling in a Business Class. Once the Flight reaches the arrival airport, you have to disembark from the airplane. You have to leave airplane at the end of your trip. You will not be offered any amenities thereafter-no high quality food, drink, comfortable seating. You will sink down to an excretion. You are no longer important.

That means when Good Karma is exhausted one has to come back to this world from Brahma Lokha (Heaven) . His Joy is then over.

So Sri Krishna and Taittiriya Upanishad says one has to advance towards Brahma Shakthi/Supreme Being/Sri Krishna ,and on this earth itself the happiness equivalent to the Joy of a Person who goes to Brahma Lokha is obtained -And the bliss of Joy doesn’t go away from him. It remains with him in the intensity of more than 10011 units.  The liberation is possible on this earth and only in the human body. So your body is precious.We cannot attain God even if we go to heavenly worlds ( Brahma Loka or Heaven). The Heavenly  Worlds are meant only for exhausting our good karmas. When all our good karmas are exhausted we have to come back to this Earth ( Bhagvad Gita Chapter 9, Verse 21)

Thin Bottom Line

Intensity of Mundane Happiness: Unit 1 with a tragedy at end

Intensity of Brahmananda ( Happiness in Heaven): Unit 10011 with a tragedy at end.

Intensity of Supreme auspiciousness (Becoming one with God) ; Unit more than above and impossible for a Human brain to apprehend such happiness. It can only be experienced.  No coming back to zero units. No tragedy. You and Krishna /Supreme Being will seem inseparable


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