You know, if there is depression, the major symptoms will be, he will think he is no good for the world, that no body is his friend, and that he is unfit for any work. He will feel gloomy and grave.
All of us will feel depressed to some extent at some time or other time. But if this mood swings persist for a longer period. Then it may be a sign of  clinical depression.

Depression is diagnosed by the medical men by knowing the symptom history of the Patient. There are no biomarkers for depression that can be seen on things such as a blood test.
A medical man can tell you how the depression occurs. But he can’t answer why? . A Cardiologist can say how does a heart contract. But he can’t say why does the heart contract? Only ancient wisdom can help you to answer WHY? Science cannot answer WHY. Science can only answer HOW? A Neuro Phycologist and Nobel Laureate CHARLES SCOTT SHERRINGTON said that Science of the west cannot answer why?

Is depression a Brain disorder? : All depressions are not brain disorder.Medical men may say it is brain disorder, because for the west mind is in the Brain. But for the east, mind is outside the brain and is nothing other than consciousness. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons and trillions of synapses. But they can’t even think of a “thought “. The Neurosurgeon WILDER PENFIELD at the end of his life wrote a book stating that Mind is outside the Brain.
Do you love your mother ? father ? Can somebody measure that in any science? So that means your love is unscientific? Science can not measure “ love “ “ thought” or “ consciousness “

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