Meditation is useless if you are not dedicated to your KARMA- let it be your job, a love , business  or even  on an email you write to your client or friend, or a phone call. It should be with utmost dedication. If no dedication, meditation is useless. I have seen many people who do Meditation but they are NOT dedicated .On the other hand Dedicated People are always with meditative mind set.

One can drive dedicatively, one can write dedicatively, one can do his work dedicatively, one can love dedicatively,the quality is so definitely different that when you know it you see the difference, each act becomes a deep relaxation, it is no longer tense, your work is no longer worry., and if a man can work with out tension, his work becomes” play” – an enjoyment.That is the power of Dedication. Then Dedication becomes your Meditation

Do all your activities with devotion and love . Then everything will be an enjoyment. You will feel ” You want to do” NOT ” You have to do”

Modern science recognizes that human brain changes through experience. This means that Joy, happiness and other positive qualities can be enhanced by strengthening the corollary neural pathways and areas of brain. The quality of compassion and love display enhanced neural activity on the left prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain associated with Joy, happiness , confidence and other positive mental states.. So developing skills such as compassion and love is also a part of meditation.( Remember, Compassion and Love are not set but rather are skills that anyone can develop and enhance).

Meditation has 2 meanings viz FOCUSED THOUGHT and UNCONDITIONAL COUNTLESS AWARENESS. In yoga the second meaning is taken.

There are 2 types of Meditation viz OBJECTIVE MEDITATION and SUBJECTIVE MEDITATION.

In Objective Meditation , you meditate on Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, Lord Christ etc. ie there is an external object. You considers idol as something alive.

In Subjective Meditation, you have no object. You mediate as your own breath while inhaling and exhaling ( internal point).

In both methods, to attain the flow of continuous focus, concentration is required.

Fixing the mind on an external object or internal point continuously with out interruption for 12 seconds is concentration. Concentration transforms in to meditation.

When Mind is fixed on any object (internal or external) for 144 seconds continuously with out break is Meditation.

Meditation is not just for the ascetic or people who are turned 60s 0r 70s old . You can do it even at your cute 18s or 20s or 30s . You can become a better Manager, Better designer,  Better Healer and above all a Better Man.

Our brain isn’t one undifferentiated Mass. The older parts of the brain ( limbic system) are the emotional, reactive parts. The frontal cortex part of the brain are seat of rational, conscious thought. The various parts of the brain communicate each other and also communicate with the body. This two way communication takes place through various hormones and neurotransmitters. Because of this two way communication, mental stress, can have physical consequences and physical illness can have mental effects.

TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION ( T M) : This is an objective meditation by a repeated Mantra.

We live in this material world. So we have to face all kinds of situations and all sorts of people- in the coffee shop, in office place, people in crowd, with friends, with cheaters., with enemies, with family , with friends, with your pets, animals etc. Don’t escape from any situation-if you escape , then something will remain missing in you. Live life in its Multidimensionality. Live life in its totality. Live in the world like a Lotus flower in Water, it lives in water, but water touches it not.

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