Advaita means ” not two” . This gives the idea that innerself ( atman ) is the same as Supreme Being ( Brahman).
Supreme Being Passing through Time, Space and Causation appears as Universe. Not only physical universe that science talks, about Mental universe also ( your thoughts, ideas etc).
When there was a time when nothing existed where was all this manifested energy?

Some say it was a potential form in God.In that case God is sometimes potential and sometimes kinetic which would make him mutable.

Everything mutable is a compound.

And every compound must undergo that change which is called Destruction. So God will die…which is absurd.
Therefore there never was time when there was no creation.Science also proved that the sum total of cosmic energy the same.

Creation is with out beginning or end. Creation and Creator are two lines with out beginning and with out end. Running parallel to each other.

In Hindu Mythology, Shiva linga which represents Lord Shiva has neither a beginning nor an end. Every thing in this Universe will intermingled in to One and form a formless shape. .It is neither a Male nor a female.

Every human being is in the process of moving from finite to infinite. Aham Brahmasmin which means both I am the Creator and the Creation.

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