We know that like charges repel each other.
So two electrons repel each other.
But two electrons can attract each other as well.
Which one will you believe? Both are correct.

The Speed of Light is 299 792 458 Meters per Second.
You can go around mother earth 7.5 Times in One Second.
Can we travel faster than light?
As a Thought /Pure consciousness you can.
As a Body, you cannot.
When an object attains speed of light its length is 0 and mass is infinite- Theory goes.
So no object can attain the speed of light.
New Research in Science suggests that Speed of Light might be slower than thought.
Light from the Sun for example would take longer to reach us than thought.

Advaita Vedanta says our thoughts are beyond time and space. So thought can travel faster than light.

Swami Vivekananda says accept the truth which is acceptable first to the rational mind.
We can reach New york from India by thought faster than the speed of light.

In Astrology also – Mercury and Moon are given prime importance ( Thought process).

Cause and Effect is Science
Cause of Causation Science has no answer.
Advaita Vedanta Says Time-Space-Causation is Maya through which Universe is manifested.
What we all feel , see , smell , hear is a thought projected in the Mind.

Repetition of Thoughts creates Mental Habits. They can Pull us down or Lift up.
Take a gem of knowledge ( even one gem) and contemplate over it again and again and again just like Cows graze the grass. Then Neurons in the brain get fired. And when the Neurons are repeatedly fired in a particular manner, a neural pathway develops leading to that thought coming more easily again and again.

If you repeatedly think happiness is in Ice Cream and you contemplate over it again and again the consequence will be the icecream will come to your mind and start pinching you.

If you repeatedly contemplate happiness in something devine, learning, wisdom, knowledge or in your Marketing, then your mind gets attracted there.

This is Neuroplasticity.

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