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If there is a combination of Jupiter and Venus sitting together in a house, in an individual horoscope, of course, this is a great combination, but if such an individual happens to be your Boss, do not have 100% trust in him. Try to search for a new job and if you get a new job immediately resign from his office. Because such a combination is not trustworthy for HR. In most companies ( whether ISO or SA 8000 OR any other certified firms) most of the important decisions will be taken by Boss/owner only. So his horoscope is paramount important. However, if the organization structure is entirely different say, the boss allows HR to take a decision then we have to check the horoscope of the HR. But most Indian private firms boss is the Top and he handles everything and so-called HR, OR GM or Executive officers are just rubber stamps,

the astrological viewpoint is that Both Jupiter and Venus are very bright planets, one is Deva Guru and another one is Lord of Asuras. Both are extremely powerful so they are bound to drag the decision-making process. He will appoint u as manager and the next day, he will throw u away from the office.

The only con is that it is not that easy to get the birth chart of your boss,

I am getting this only because of my brand being an astrologer and my experience in Astro field. So I thought to share this important combination,
I am also grateful to my Guru Dr. AP PARASHAR who also threw me light on this aspect, Pranams to you sir, 100% credit of this article goes to you only,

(Palm lines are the next alternative, but that is beyond the scope of this article,- here the advantage is just looking ur boss hand u can predict his nature )

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