Thoughts and words are like Diamond and packing.
If you are gifting Diamond to some one, you dont need to pack it. The gift itself is good enough.Packing cannot make it better. Anybody will be thrilled to get it. When gift is not special we try to improve packing. Thoughts ( Diamond ) are vibrations reach the other person,not the words. So keep thoughts and words same.

In the medical perspective, when our heart stops, there will be abnormal electrical behaviour inside our brains. And it takes 2-20 seconds for our cerebral cortex to stop-This is the thinking and decision making part of the brain. Even so it can take hours for our brain to fully shut down.

According to vedas, it is the thoughts that we carry with us after the death. And Mind is part of the brain yet it is not in the brain, it is consciounsess. It remains in two worlds at the same time.

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