I am  very passionate and romantic guy. Because for my Job i should be elaborately costumed, travel in aircraft and ships, meet people in Business Hotels and Clubs for business generations. So dressing and choice of my words and marketing campaigns are so important than a normal guy,This is my Material World. But I dont drink, smoke , flirt and a vegetarian. But I know this external appearance is useless and most of the free time I spend learning  astrology and upanishads. I sleep hardly 4 hours  a day ( I skip dinner to get more blood flow to the brain instead of  to the stomach which keeps me active at night for shorter sleeps ) And this is my spiritual world. I am living in two worlds at the same time.

Some of my friend- (traditional) devotees advised me not to mix Marketing with Spirituality.It seems awkward according to them. And this article is dedicated to them. And I hope it will enlighten them to the next level.

There is a Upanishad called MANDUKYA UPANISHAD
Mandukya means Frog
Varun Deva ( Lord of Rains) took the form of Frog ( Mandukya) and taught this Mandukya Upanishad.
When we look at Frog, we think it is useless insignificant little and funny creature. But when wisdom comes through the mouth of frog, its external appearance is no longer important. Another importance about Frog is it lives in both on land and in water. So Spiritual person is like a frog that can live both in water and on land-two worlds at the same time-Material and Spiritual.

Another beautiful example is that, you have seen Lotus? It always grows in Mud. Mud is required for the lotus to grow. It takes all the sustenance from the mud. But not a drop of water will stick to its petals. So derive all your sustenance from the world , and yet remain unaffected by it. Some (traditional )devotees may think it awkward. But one has to try,

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Hi there, I am Umeshkumar.U. It is a pleasure to meet you.I am a personal brand strategist, and also into writing and designing as a hobby. I am also a Vedic astrologer ( Bachelor of Medical Astrology and Science), Planetary Gemologist ( P.G.A- Bangkok) & N.D ( Doctor of Naturopathy). For last 20years I am in International Marketing. I provide consultations in marketing, HTML Templates, digital cards, and astrology.
You can reach me at my branded WhatsApp link without saving my contact: https://wa.link/umeshkumar

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