In fact my regret to  some devotees is that they chant mantras do fasting, pray three or five times a day, chant slokas But they are not spontaneous lovers. They neither have the spontaneous sensitivity to feel with the feelings of other people. I would love to raise their consciousness to the higher level.This happens because they create a division between ” You” and ” Me” . This has to cease.

The Upanishad says that your inner atman which is not different from the atman of the other people- ISHAVASYAM IDAMSARVAM YAT KINCHA JAGATYAM JAGAT. That Self is the Supreme Being that pervades everything that which moves and that which doesnot move. Such a person will be embodiment of love. He knows that being born as a human being is God’s Gift and he always trys to cherish the creation of the creator and  doesnot abuse the creation of the creator. He becomes an embodiment of love and able to undestand the feelings of others.

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