In Kashi aka Varnasi in India, the river Ganga which normally runs from the Himalayas to the Sea in the South takes a turn and moves northwards.This is remainder of what the human mind can do.
In Tantrik, energy can flow in two directions in human body
1) Southern direction
2) Northern direction

Southern direction of energy flow is downward flow of energy with pleasure out from the body where as Northern flow of energy is upward movement of energy, this generates wisdom and ignites the spiritual fire inside, which is considered also highly pleasurable than the former in vedic thought.

In vedic thought Human Male is more powerful in energy movements compared to females and plants and animals.
Plants and Animals cannot control their urge to spill their seed.
Women have no contrl over their Red Seed ( ovum in menstrual blood) . Their menstrual cycle is fettered to nature’s rhythms like the waxing and waning of the moon and the movement of the tides.
Only human male is powerful enough to control the movement of his white seed( sperms in semen)
The reverse movement-Northern -outward movement of semen is described in Tantra as URDHVARETAS,

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