Some people say…. Umesh…life is to enjoy…. Other people advice about prayers and Gods. So there are mainly 2 types of people.

1) Really Romantic People, who believes only one Life and that is to Enjoy. They worship manifest- Love, Sex, Food, Drinks, Money, etc

2) Second category  – who worship various Gods. But carefully watching them they also find delight either in food,or drink or money or sex or sleep. They worship Unmanifest.

Worshipping the Manifest means the attraction they provide to the physical world -food, drink, sleep, sex ,money etc
Worshipping the Unmanifest means the worshipping which is the cause of the manifest world. So it can be supreme reality,creator, destroyer and so on. It is Unmanifest because it is behind the manifestation that we see before us. It is the operator of all that operates.

The Manifest is the individual and the Unmanifest is the Supreme.

According to the Ishavasya upanishad, those who worship manifest and unimanifest both enter in to darkness. but not as great a darkness as those who worship only the manifest.

One has to understand that the individual self and the supreme being are one and the same.Otherwise according to upanishad, we are still operating comparatievely from the level of darkness.

Darkeness means, every step there is a problem and death haunting us. This not being pessimistic. This is a fact. Everything is inderterminate and unknown. We never know when life is going to end.We never know when happiness that we have are going to escape from our hands. As one progresses, as one grows older and older, one began to see that life is coming slowly to a close. Going nearer and nearer to the end one begins to start going to darkness-there is nothing to see, there is nothing to gain, nothing to get, nothing more to enjoy.

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