Which means body is becoming ashes and you are free!. Mingling with the immortal breath

This is a prayer chanted when a person is dying.

Now we come to the question, Is it to be obtained only when a person is dying? No. It should be remembered at all times. It is a reminder. Because who knows when death comes? So let us say , that death is like a welcome friend-always with us!. Even if you are afraid of it, it wont go away. So why afriad of it? Stay with it ! Start loving Death. Death is ever at our door step .It is our companion.So the above prayer should be chanted every day because it is a reminder that life mingle with the vital breath. Death is the last problem that you have to deal with while you are still in some relationship with life. Death affords a solution to our problems. If  you were to meet your death now then a certain freedom would be experienced. Death of disease is healing. So death is a blessing and a best friend,

If you look at this matter carefully every night we die in a way and come alive in the morning. Can we not say that evey minute we are dying, because what has already happended to us is gone for ever ! Psychologically it is possible to think that we are dead to what happened to us yesterday.

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