As we  are  aware there is  a  deep  relation  between  Somato Sensory  area  of  the  brain  and  the  palm ( the area  between wrist and tip of the fingers ).  For  example  you  hold  your  lover’s  hand ( especially his/her palm) now  and then  when you’re with  them.  It  doesnot  matter , if  you  are  at a  restaurant,  in public,  in movie theatre, or  lazing  a  home.   Also another  example is Mudras,  all mudras  are  based  on palm/ fingers.  So  relationship  between brain and fingers are clear.

In  Palmistry,  Mount of Venus, Mount of Mercury  and  Little finger represents vitality  and  sexuality  of  a person.

Mount  of  Venus :

The  Portion  Marked  A  is  Mount  of  Venus.  If  Mount  of  venus  is  hard  and  raised  the  person  has  enough  sexual  energy.

If  Mount  of  Venus  is  Flat,  the  person  has  low  sexual  energy/libido.

If  Mount  of  Venus  is  flat  and  with  grill  of  lines then  the  person’s  potency  for  coitus  is  low  though  psychologically  his  potency  is  more.

Mount  of  Mercury:

The  Portion Marked  B  is  Mount  of  Mercury.  Tiny  horizontal  lines  on Mount  of  Mercury  convey  the  amount  of  sexual  potency  one  has.

If  there  are  more  than  one  horizontal  line in  Mount  of  Mercury,  it  indicates  that  the  person  has  normal  sexual  potency  right  from  adolescence  till  middle  age.

If  these  horizontal  lines  are  faint  and  broken  , he  can’t  get  well  with  his/her  life  partner.

If  Mount  of  Venus  is  flat but  there  are  more  than  2  horizontal  lines  on the Mount of Mercury,  then  the defects  due  to  a  flat  Mount of  Venus  are  absent.

Little  Finger :

Little  Finger  normally  is  the  smallest  and  thinnest  of  all  the  other  fingers.  If  little  finger  is  longer  and  thicker  than  normal  with its  third  phalange  ( Marked D) longer  and  thicker  than  the other phalanges of  this  finger, the person  has  high  sexual  potency.

Suppose  you find  a person  as per  palmistry  -no  lines  of  libido,  it  doesn’t mean always he is no good guy/girl  to make love with.  It can mean that he/she is interested in solitude,  research, etc. He can also be a true loving friend  to you because above palm lines doen’t mean pure love. It only means a give-and-take relationship based on passion( sex). Then what is Love ?  Love means, if you feel as though your hunger is fulfilled on seeing your friend or acquaintance taking his meals, or if you feel happy on seeing your friend happy or if you feel sad on seeing your friend’s sorrow. Then it is obviously means that you have capacity to love other person.  So essence of love is to feel happy on seeing the person we love.

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