Mantras are based on Duality approach. Duality means You and God. This is more practical approach and easy to understand. In marketing perspective I can explain you clearly what duality approach means… You are selling a product to a Client in Newyork and some thing is received in return- for example as Bank Transfer or Letter of Credit from the Client.

All religions are based on Duality approach. You and God, You pray to God and God gives you knowledge, health, wealth and or Moksha in return.

Advaita Vedanta followers ( Non Duality) can also support Dualistic approach

Numerologically I have found that Mantras are not religion specific.

Numerology is a study of numbers ,not religion specific.

Once we realize the God through our own consciousness, we will come to know there is only one Supreme Being-God.

Water in your Bath Tub and that in the OCean is one and the same H20. You can empty water from bath tub using a bath mug, but you cannnot empty ocean with it. The difference is so vast, but it is one and the same water,

Numerologically we have analysed few mantras and we found that Allahoakbar is same as Namashivaya in Numerological analysis method. Both came to 1:5:9 mantra numerologically.Ofcourse the God is different in different religion in dualistic approach.
Namashivaya Om Namashivaya Allahaokbar & Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Namoramaya & Namoshivaya Mrutyunjaya
If you are an Astrologer:

If some body is coming to you and saying his/her job is not working well, or not getting desired success in his job, that clearly shows his 10th house is weak.So instead of giving expensive remedies, you can select a mantra which has 10,22 or 34 letters and see which God will give him success in career and give a mantra for that God ( If you are Dualistic Follower)

If some one gets frequent accidents, then it shows his 7th house is weak , so we strengthen the Ayursthana 8th, so you can select a mantra of Shiva in 9th house -(Bhagya).
We have already found that Mrutyunjaya Mantra is 7:8:9 mantra which increases longevity ( 7 is accident, 8th is life and 9 is your Bhagya)

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