In Numerology Karmic number Means due to result of actions in the previous life time , one has to pay the price in the form of challenges in the present life,
More than one Karmic number appearing shows repeated challenges. Can be even an accident if it is on direct name.
If it is on event number, only for a short period challenge.
The below details is of one native.
Name withheld
The numbers of first and last name is given below.
28/1 19/1
Both come under Karmic direct names.
So more than one karmic number is there.So it is fatal
The native got in an a very younger age
lost spouse also in the same accident.
The above native should not use the second name which comes 19/1
First name is enough
If entire name can be changed , it would be most welcome.
This name is adversely influencing the native’s children’s also.( in Horoscope)
But they don’t believe in astrology or Numerology etc
To cite an example. When the rains are due to come, you cannot stop them but you can put an umbrella over your head so that you can minimize the wetting, This is the use of Numerology.

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