Advaithic Knowledge teaches us to focus on two things in Marketing viz SKILLS and CHALLENGES.

Experience is mainly for HR departments for conducting interviews.

In Marketing we need to continuous fight between your Skills and Challenges- Challenges from environment-the place you work in or market

You have to Keep Your SKILL=CHALLENGE.

If your SKILL= BELOW CHALLENGE you will feel anxiety, stress, panic, no sales and your personal brand value will come down.

If you keep your SKILL = CHALLENGE then you will be successful in your marketing. But don’t stay there. Skill= Challenge will give you only experience. Experience is boring. We need to focus beyond experience. To cite an example, a person in to marketing in year 2000 , if he is only experienced what wisdom he has in the year 2022 . What is his benefit as a personal brand. He will be using the same experience which he used to last 22 years. Nothing he can do. Experience becomes useless.Because technology changed. In year 2000, no whatsapp, no mobile video call ,no alibaba, no website, no HTML,no CSS so popular. So with out these skills how can he market his own personal brand. YOU are the NO 1 product in this world. With out knowledge of Marketing yourselves ( Personal brand) how can you market an organization product. (Corporate brand).

Advaithic knowledge enlighten you not only in quantum dynamics but also in to marketing. It teaches us to INCREASE YOUR CHALLENGE . ( Your HR Manger will not tell this). How to increase your challenge from environment. -YOU NEED TO FIGHT WITH A GOOD PLAYER. For this you continuously INCREASE YOUR SKILLS and penetrate new markets-continuous improvement/upgrade in skills

Everything in this Universe is Changeable. If you are Selling a Dark Chocolate to a Store, the same Store stop buying it and likes buying Milk Chocolate at another period of time. The technology also changing every month ( I mean programming skills, etc). So if you are in IT Business, focus on continuous improvement in technology. Every 28-30 days become a new form- transform yourself-develop a new skill-

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