Most of the buyers need their suppliers to be audited or factory certified.

Let me come to the point now. No certifications will make you smarter or more strategic , nor will an M.B.A or any Phd or trophy conferred by some one else. You need your business partner with Neuron fire……going in right direction. 

A certification is a racket if the only value of the certifications is to become qualified for buyer meets that only require the certification because it is popular.

Every Doctor can treat the disease, but only few Doctors can treat the Person who is having the disease. Every fortune teller can predict future. but only finger numbered can bring change in your life or benefit you. So always look for benefits.

Even if an Indian factory has all audited passed, if they fail below 2 factors, no buyers will decide future orders with you.

  • Objective buying
  • Subjective buying

Objective buying is physiological buying. – both service  and tangible products.

Subjective buying also should be satisfied – which simply means -to get pleasure, satisfaction, satisfy need for approvals, respect etc.

Speaking from my experience in sourcing, let me tell you. I came across an Indian factory who themselves introduced to me as  Manufacturer exporters of Face masks .I was having a order in hand from Australia for face mask , and I placed with them. The factory was Public Limited company and you know for face mask exporting, many certifications are needed. And everything was in order. The payment terms was 100% advance. And payment done , But the factory is not shipping the goods. Not attending phone calls. Rejecting buyer calls as well. Later we understood, they were importing face masks from china and reexporting from India.Due to Covid 19 issues, import from china stopped .So the company couldn’t import face mask.  We requested for refund. No refund was made.In that company even though it is Public Limited, the chair man is Grandfather of Managing DIrector. And Managing Director’s son Chief Executive. His wife CFO etc .No body there to complain officially, all are family members. It was my first experience in PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY . So only possibility to get refund or shipment was to get in touch with Consulate. When they understood, we are going to approach Consulate, they agreed shipment. But see they also made another problem.They short shipped and invoiced for full quantity. Oh my God…. again we communicated with them about this shortage. Just because of fear of Consulate , they agreed to ship the balance.  I was keeping copies of all emails and whatsapp conversation which was enough for us to forward the case with consulate. Thanks to the power of Consulate. 

Though that factory is with full of certifications and additional big thing PUBLIC LIMITED ( most of the companies here in India are PRIVATE LIMITED which is smaller than Public limited) since they failed to satisfy OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE  needs of the customer, that company lost million dollar business. 

So Every Foreign buyer should evaluate the basic quality of the factory first. Because it is not the factory who is communicating with you. It will be person or family ( as in the case above). If they are wrong people, it will badly affect you and the  India Image.

God Bless ! Love you..

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Sathyam Jagath Satyam

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