In the Taittriya Upanishad it says that we eat food and ultimately the food eats us. We eat food and finally food eats us. So what does it mean?  Not to eat food?. No.! Because food is important for the life of all beings. The thing is Food is Matter and you know : I ,YOU and WE- are all Energy. And food is converted to energy and energy eats you down the road!-Redox Reaction

“ We are born on food, lives on food and ultimately going back to it and merging to  food. Hence food is called "ANNAM”  -Taittriya Upanisha

So Energy in the sense that actually mean: You are energy means, you are not actually eating the food, your “ Prana” (Life giving Force) is eating the food. So the Prana is non other than the food itself. Understood. It is energy and matter relationship .Food is Matter. Energy is You. The difference is figuratively in their forms only. The truth is they are the gross and the subtle aspects of creator. They are one. Matter has Mass due to Energy, not the other way round. Energy is not because Matter has mass.

So That is why we should not eat food for pleasure or passion or for enjoyment. No. It is to be eaten only to maintain Life. This is all mentioned in Taittriya Upanishad chapter 2, Chapter 3 etc.

“ Food is Prana; Body is the eater of Food; Body is Fixed in Prana; Prana is fixed in Body; Thus Food is fixed in Food” – Taittriya Upanaisha

Upanishad says Food is converted to energy and finally the energy eats you ( or food eats you). The food is converted to energy and ultimately you becomes merge in to food. ( This is Redox reaction-Oxidation and Reduction occuring together)

And in terms of oxidation in the human body is not different than any other chemical reaction happening outside the human body. The iron when interacts with the oxygen in the air form Rust (iron gets oxidized to iron oxide) releasing energy. Even iron is releasing energy in the form of heat ,very slowly ,so you are not able to feel or notice it.

And food that we eat also – I mean the glucose(sugar) from the food that we eat, reacts with oxygen that we breathe and gets converted to energy. So in oxidation process food is converted to energy. But this process is always a double edged sword. Because whatever that is being oxidized will get destroyed. So that is it. Oxidation is a kind of burning. Over a period of time, oxidation will destroy us. -same thing which gave us energy for life

In other words, Oxidation releases energy, and at the same time, release of energy is also a double edged weapon. It can harm your body also. It is an inevitable process ,we cannot avoid oxidation. Oxidation is sine qua non for our body to get energy and body is also continuously under stress (oxidative stress)because when energy is released,  a form of heat generated in the body, along with this, an atom splits in to two and we get FREE RADICALS. They are nothing but atom with unpaired electrons. Electrons always like to be paired so they steal electron from nearby molecule, destabilize it and make it free radical. This free radical will steal electron from another molecule, destabilize it and make it free radical.So this domino effect damage the whole cell and destroys your body. This process cannot be avoided at all. These 2 free radicals produced in the body are very dangerous-in the medical view point ( hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical)

So Taittriya Upanishad says food has to be taken as Medicament or it has to be only for your survival of life. And that is why in the worship places, always the food is given first as “ NAIVAIDHYA” to the Supreme Being ( God) and then it is served to the “ BHAKTHAS” ( Devotees). This is important Paradigm.

Oxidation does not mean there should be involvement of Oxygen or presence of Oxygen ,despite its name. Oxidation mean just removal of electrons regardless of whether oxygen is present.

Oxidation is a continuous process. When you are oxidized, you actually, lose electron. You cannot create an electron or destroy an electron. So when you are oxidized you are losing some electrons. So some molecules will gain this electron and get reduced.

So Oxidation and Reduction (loss and Gain of Electrons)-Redox reaction is a continuous process and this reaction always take place together.

“ Energy is the essence of Food; Mind is the essence of Energy; Knowledge is the essence of Mind; Bliss is the essence of Knowledge” – Taittriya Upanishad

Taittriya Upanishad also says One who gives food will prosper if you do it with devotion. SAHASRAKODI ANNADHANAM ( GIVING FOOD TO 1000 CRORE CONSCIOUSNESS) is a powerful paradigm. People who are in hand to mouth living – they can feed ants also , you feed ants with sugar, you can perform SAHARSRAKODI ANNADHANAM with them easily and make them happy.. Ant is also a consciousness ( sorry ant, your level of consciousness is lower compared to that of human but still you are a consciousness, . ). People who are rich they can perform sahasrakodi annadhanam to higher consciousness -like animals or human etc,. But it should be with devotion (not for marketing your brand).This is my pattern of thinking .Every author has his own style and pattern of writing. This is my pattern. God is ONE. You may worship any form as per your faith, but being helpful any body can follow. It can be towards ants, animals or human-


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